Cardi B Begs Fans For Advice On How To Clear Up Her Acne — See Pic

Cardi B revealed that she has ‘been breaking out lately’ and even shared a photo of her cheek acne. So, the ‘WAP’ rapper asked for skincare and dermatologist suggestions — and a famous singer reached out!

Cardi B, 28, proved that even celebrities are not immune to acne. On Jan. 25, the “WAP” rapper sought out skincare advice on Twitter after admitting that she has been dealing with acne breakouts. “I been breaking out lately and my face is extremely dry,” Cardi wrote. She continued, “I don’t think these products are working.I think it’s the water out here …..What are some good products for little black heads break outs and dry skin on your face ?”

To show fans what she’s dealing with, Cardi shared a close-up photo of her cheek acne. “This is my cheek…It’s been happening for like 3 months now …Sh-t really is uncomfortable,” she wrote over the photo below.

Cardi’s tweets led fans to pitch all kinds of products. After one fan suggested retinol (also known as Vitamin A), Cardi responded, “I went to a dermatologist like 2 weeks ago and he gave me that and my face was so dry and it burn.” The Grammy-winning artist was just as displeased with another popular skincare product: facial oil.

“I been using oils and that shit makes my skin itch and get reactions .So I stop using oils,” Cardi responded to another fan. She hasn’t been having any luck with professionals, either. “I want to go to a good dermatologist that do blood testing and everything.Get to the root of the problem but I don’t know any,” the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wrote in a separate tweet.

Finally, someone offered a solution that Cardi was open to — a famous someone! “Ok @Kehlani recommended me somebody for my face …Imma give ya a update in 2 weeks …..I’m off this for a while …LOVE YA,” Cardi tweeted at the end of her skincare discussion, tagging “Change Your Life” singer Kehlani, 25, in her post.

Cardi is of course not the only major star to deal with acne, especially amid the pandemic (wearing face masks, while crucial, can lead to pesky pimples sometimes). Celebrities have opened up about their struggles in different ways throughout the past year: Alicia Keys swore by this $39 facial cleanser, while Bella Thorne embraced her “back acne” in this sexy Instagram slideshow. You can learn about even more celebrities who have been transparent about their skincare issues, here!

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