Gabrielle Union, 48, Looks So Glowy In Her Latest No-Makeup Workout Selfie Instagram Video

  • Gabrielle Union’s skin looks super glowy in a new no-makeup workout video.
  • The L.A.’s Finest star told Women’s Health she does cardio for 18 minutes a week.
  • The actress, 48, also keeps her skincare routine simple and her makeup minimal.

Gabrielle Union, 48, is starting off her 2021 with some serious glow. She posted a super sweaty, no-makeup selfie video to her Instagram Stories showing her walking on a treadmill, and her skin looks flawless.

“Alright! Who got some sweat in?” the L.A.’s Finest star says in the video. “If you sweatin’, I’m bettin’ you’re feeling a little bit better about yourself today, huh? Okay I’m not really feeling that much better about myself…but I AM sweating! So there’s that.”

Gabrielle loves to get in a (short) cardio workout. In 2020, she told Women’s Health that she spends just 18 minutes on her cardio workouts per week.

She says that devotes about six minutes within each workout session to cardio. She does three sets of two-minute cardio intervals. “I like to mix it up so I don’t get anxiety staring at the treadmill,” she told Women’s Health. “Cardio could be jumping jacks, running up my driveway, side shuffles like I used to do in basketball, an elliptical, treadmill, or sled pushes.”

She also talked about how her workouts make her feel better mentally and emotionally, an energy she is clearly bringing into 2021.

“I get to work out my aggression, my fears, my anxiety before I get to work or before my daughter wakes up. It brings me a level of peace that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I know when I don’t get my workout in, I notice it the most in my mood. I tend to have a lot more patience after I’ve worked out.”

Gabrielle Union’s At-Home Workout Essentials

But back to her skin… Gabrielle is rocking a clear and ageless complexion like it’s NBD.

“My skin routine is geared towards what’s happening with my hormones,” she said in an interview with Byrdie. “For example, acne isn’t just for teens. I like using a facial cleanser with salicylic acid in it to help combat breakouts before they start.”

As for products, she said that she loves Neutrogena’s grapefruit cleanser and Organic Camellia Oil.

And she keeps her makeup minimal. “I feel most like myself without makeup,” she said in an interview with People. “It’s how my friends and my husband and my loved ones appreciate me most. I think makeup can be a mask… So I’ve made peace with this [as] my face and I’m okay with it. I’m at an age where I have zero F’s to give.”

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