Hailey Bieber's Rhode beauty has landed in the UK, is it worth the hype?

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Love Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut skin? Well, now her brand – Rhode – has launched in the UK, so you’re one step closer to it.

Hailey’s new skincare line is now available to shop online for UK customers, with prices ranging from £16 to £29 on single items, or you can pay up to £95 on bundle sets.

Among the abundance of brand launches, Rhode promises to offer ‘one of everything’, made ‘really good,’ with just three initial products.

You don’t need six moisturisers, according to Hailey, you just need one solid reliable one – which will be a relief to many in the current financial climate.

The brand promises ‘affordable, luxurious products with thoughtful intention that deliver gentle, effective skincare’, which sounds like it’s trying to be everything all at once.

The ingredients list does stand up to those claims though – in the Peptide Glazing Fluid, there’s niacinamide, peptides and hyaluronic acids, which are all gentle yet key skin ingredient pillars. The gel-creme is also fragrance free, making it even more ‘simple’.

For those in need of something more heavy duty, there’s the Barrier Restore Cream, which contains shea butter and squalane for deeper hydration.

Finally there’s the peptide lip treatment, which comes in variety of fun flavours like watermelon and salted caramel – while still boasting a nourishing formula.

The brand first launched in the US last year, with TikTokers quickly sharing their praise.

In an attempt to breakaway from ‘fast beauty’ – where products are churned out like high street fashion – we’re excited to see how this certified, cruelty-free brand does this side of the Atlantic.

Put to the test

Lucy Partington, a freelance beauty journalist and brand consultant, tested the range for us and has ranked the products from best to worst.

Worth the hype? Lucy finds out (Picture: Lucy Partington)

1. Barrier Restore Cream, £29

‘This has saved my dry, peeling skin after introducing prescription-strength retinoids into my routine. It’s lightweight but packs a nourishing, hydrating punch, without feeling greasy or heavy – and I love that it’s fragrance free. I would definitely buy this again and would happily recommend it over and over again – it has everything that I look for in a reparative “basic” moisturiser (which is something I think everybody should own).’

2. Peptide Glazing Fluid, £29

‘Arguably the most-wanted product from the range, Peptide Glazing Fluid is Hailey’s skin in a bottle. It’s formulated with niacinamide (one of my favourite skincare ingredients), hyaluronic acid and marula oil. It’s feels instantly hydrating on skin and it does give good glow; I took Hailey’s advice and mixed it with my usual foundation to create a dewy, luminous finish (also because that way I could still get all of its benefits without having to compromise wearing sunscreen on top of it).’

3. Peptide Lip Treatment, £16

‘This sits somewhere in the middle of a lip oil and a traditional balm, is super hydrating but not sticky and comes in three varieties – salted caramel (my favourite), watermelon and unscented. I’m not a lip balm devotee like a lot of people, but I have found myself reaching for this. It’s great throughout the day – it applies well over lipstick and liner for a glossy finish – and it feels like it really drenches my perpetually dry lips with hydration. I like the unscented version at nighttime, too, when I apply a thicker layer before I go to sleep.’

Want to shop the collection? It’s all here…

Peptide Glazing Fluid, £29

Good for oily skin, this won’t feel heavy on.

Peptide Lip Treatment

Smells good, does good.

Barrier Restore Cream

For those with dry skin, look no further.

The Rhode Kit, £95

Get it all in one go.

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