Here They Are: The 17 Best New Makeup Products at Sephora in 2021

At the moment, we’re not going lots of places, but we’re still shopping for makeup. Makeup makes us happy; it’s fun, it’s playful, and at the end of the day, it’s not for anyone else but us. Some of our priorities have shifted, meaning we’re looking more for a gorgeous, glowy foundation or tinted moisturizer and a soft, creamy blush that’s easy to apply. Plus, lots of lip products. If you’re looking for some new makeup, all the great new products are at Sephora. But, are you surprised?

Whether you’re looking for the latest Fenty Beauty picks or the lip gloss you won’t want to take off, these 17 products are what’s new and now at Sephora. Plus, if you’ve been eyeing the soap brow trend, there’s a product to help you achieve the look. Keep reading to shop our picks.

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