The Duchess of Cambridge looked glamorous as ever on Tuesday as she took part in her and Prince William‘s royal engagements in Cumbria – but did you notice something different about her?

Royal fans were left questioning whether the brunette beauty had opted to have hair extensions put in after spotting her thick, luscious locks appeared to be much fuller and longer than they have appeared at other recent engagements. We called on extension expert Olia Cutz, Founder of The Extensionist, to settle our debate.

WATCH: Kate Middleton spends a sporty day in Cumbria – and just look at her hair!

“Although the transformation is very subtle, it does look like Duchess Kate has enhanced her natural length with few pieces of hair extensions,” says Olia. “There are several undetectable hair extension methods these days.

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“Kate could easily have had tapes or ultra bonds, which are incredibly tiny strands of hair extensions. They can add thickness and length to any hair type, but are so subtle they are incredibly hard to detect.”

Kate looked stunning as she brushed her glossy long hair away from her face

As she took part in various outdoor activities, the sporty Duchess also wore her hair in a ponytail on Tuesday, but there were no tapes or clips visible. “If she does have extensions, she could have had individual strands of keratin bonds as you can hide them perfectly and no one will ever see them, even if you wear your hair up!” explained Olia.

Looking radiant, a glowing Kate also sported sun-kissed highlights as she stepped out to join a group of Air Cadets for mountain biking – a contrast to the chestnut brown locks she rocked earlier this month.  

The Duchess’ hair looks thicker and longer compared to other recent engagements

While it’s unconfirmed whether the royal mother-of-three has actually opted to fit some extra wefts, enhancing length and volume with hair extensions has become a staple for many women in the beauty world. The Duchess of Sussex also reportedly owes her flowing raven hair to clip-ins or micro-bonds. Extensions or not, the Duchess’ hair is looking healthier and more beautiful than ever!

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