• Kelly Clarkson hilariously trolled John Legend in a no-makeup Instagram video.
  • The Voice coach sent the American Idol winner some pizza to potentially “form an alliance.”
  • But Kelly said when she sent John some pizza, she also included some wine…

The Voice came back Monday night (squee!), and apparently, John Legend is already hard at work trying to form an alliance with fellow judge Kelly Clarkson. Well, the American Idol winner might be down.

In a new no-makeup Instagram video, The Kelly Clarkson Show host holds a pizza on her shoulder and says that it’s “apparently from John Legend.” Her take: “I guess he’s trying to form an alliance because I didn’t hear that he sent pizza to anybody else. I’m just saying, I’m probably his favorite.”

According to the “Broken & Beautiful” singer, it might have worked: “That’s a good way to form an alliance with me, sending me food. I’m into it.”Kelly then points out that, when she sent the “Wild” singer pizza (apparently this is a thing?), she also sent a “really nice bottle of wine with it.” And, as Kelly notes, there’s “no wine” with that delivery.

“You’re the cheap one in this friendship,” she says. “I’m just kidding. But seriously, you have your own rosé! You couldn’t have even just sent me some love, some rosé? I like your rosé. I got no rosé, people. Just the pizza.”

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Apparently sending food is just what they do, because John posted on Instagram that Kelly sent him tacos from his favorite shop to celebrate premiere night. (What is this glorious friendship, and how can I join?!)


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But back to Kelly… While she always looks super glammed up on The Voice and her talk show, the pop star had a different, low-key look for the pizza video. She wore a baseball cap and was makeup free, showing off her clear and glowing skin. People definitely noticed.

“You’re so pretty! 💜” a fan wrote in the comments. “Love the natural look,” another said.

While Kelly’s skin is stunning, she hasn’t publicly revealed much about her skincare routine. That said, she did hilariously joke about it in 2018 with an Instagram pic of herself with what looks like a makeup wipe over her eyes and zit cream on her chin. “Just another day in #thechair ! #iwokeuplikethis,” she wrote in the caption.


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BRB: Gotta order some pizza—and rosé!

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