Lip gloss nails are 2023's update of the glazed doughnut manicure

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This trend is easier on your bank balance than a lot of them out there, while still giving a fresh modern finish.

Lip gloss nails are exactly what they sound like, offering a subtle change without much effort.

Think of the effect a slick of lacquer gives to your lips: glowy and shiny, with a whisper of colour. This is the same.

A toned down version of the glazed doughnut trend, lip gloss nails have far less steps to getting the look – and you only need one product, so it’s easy to do at home on the cheap.

To gloss up your mani, start with clean nails. You may also want to push back cuticles and trim hangnails for a more salon-fresh result.

Next, take a sheer polish with or without sparkles (we’ve found both options to make the job easier) and apply one to two coats – just make sure you can still see your natural nail through the polish.

What you’re left with is a ‘your nails but better’ look, that can serve well in between gel appointments and help hide any stains or damage, while still appearing fairly natural.

We’ve picked some of our favourite polishes to achieve the look – from milky shades to light reflecting shimmers.

Nails Inc Glowing Out – £9

Add one layer for a seriously sheer glow, or two to build the pink tint – and hide discoloured nail beds.

Manucurist Diamant – £14

For those who like shimmer, think of this as Fenty Gloss Bomb but for your nails.

Nailberry A Touch of Powder – £16

Keep it neutral and subtle, with this sheer baby pink.

My Mood Soul – £5

Add multidimensional shimmer with this affordable polish that bounces off light, thanks to blue and pink glitters.

Essie Expressie Oil Slick

A lighter version of this, in the shade Iced Out, is currently sold out. Oil Slick does the same job, being a sheered out wash of glow, with a brown tint.

Kure Bazaar Beige Milk – £15

Keep it classic with this milky shade that will let your natural nails shine through.

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