Have you always wanted to try the NuFACE Trinity Device? Here’s your chance to score the popular skincare device for less — it’s 20% off right now on the NuFACE website.

Through June 11, use the promo code TRINITY20 to unlock the limited-time deal. The award-winning, FDA-cleared NuFACE Trinity was created by an aesthetician, using microcurrent technology right at home to improve the look of wrinkles, fine lines, contour and tone. 

NuFACE co-founder Tera Peterson explained the benefits of the advanced at-home skincare device to ET. 

“Think of NuFACE and microcurrent as fitness for your face,” Peterson says. “It’s a low-level electrical current that goes in and stimulates the muscles, which are the foundation of the face. The muscles and the skin on the face are connected — it’s the only place in the entire body where the muscles and the skin are connected. Microcurrent goes in, stimulates the muscles, so naturally it’s going to lift the face, pop the cheekbones, lift the eyebrows, open up the eyes — just give the whole entire face a more youthful appearance.”

The Trinity device can be used with additional interchangeable attachments such as the Effective Lip and Eye Attachment and Wrinkle Reducer Attachment. 

Shop the NuFACE Trinity sale right now. 

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