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Welcome to Stylist’s Pretty Damn Good, a weekly series in which different women share the one product – across hair care, skincare, make-up, body and fragrance – that remains a forever staple in their beauty routines.

For many of us, when we experience dehydrated, itchy skin in winter, we often turn to hydrating serums and nourishing moisturisers. But for Charis Udeh, it presented an opportunity to start formulating her own products.

Turning to her mother for her remedies (which had been passed down by her mother’s mother), the pair began to create skincare in their kitchen. For 10 years, Udeh formulated products for herself and her loved ones while balancing a career as a management consultant at Ernst & Young. However, as demand grew and after spotting a gap in the market, she decided to plunge into the world of being a beauty entrepreneur – and Kyalli Skin was born.

Today, the line-up includes face oil, body oil, body lotion, body crème soufflé and an exfoliating body polish, while the ingredients are sourced across the world, including Egypt, Ghana, Turkey, Russia and Siberia. The brand has also launched the Kyalli Foundation, an initiative that provides quality education, sustainable healthcare and stable employment through various social causes.

So, as somebody who is constantly working on product development, researching ingredients and social commitments, what’s the one product that Udeh turns to to help set her up for the day? Here, she tells us.

Charis Udeh is the founder of Kyalli Skin.

“The only product I can’t live without is Dior’s Miss Dior Eau de Parfum Spray, £78. I have a few perfumes but this one has a constant place on my shelf.

“My mother is a huge fan of perfumes and has a pretty cool collection. I, on the other, wouldn’t consider myself to have a ‘nose’ for scents. One day, she got Miss Dior for herself and I smelt it on her. The fragrance felt strong, empowering, effortless, intoxicating, sensual and feminine all at the same time.

“I had never felt so many emotions from a fragrance before and immediately bought it for myself.  I have been buying it ever since – I can’t even remember exactly how long but possibly up to 10 years!

“Like most women, our routine doesn’t stop at skincare – it carries on into our signature scent. When I wear a fragrance, it tunes my mind into a different sphere of being. It gives me confidence to face my daily challenges and makes me feel very strong yet very feminine at the same time. It’s something I feel incomplete without.

“To use it, I like it to hit specific spots right after a shower or over my body lotion or body oil. I apply it to areas that are naturally warm and moist: the insides of my elbows, back of the knees, chest and the sides of the neck.

“Perfumes are essentially body care products, so they are most effective when sprayed directly onto skin. However, most perfumes do have a large amount of alcohol base which is not ideal for sensitive skin, so applying them to clothing is a great alternative.

“When applying perfume to clothing, it’s good to note that because of the nature of fabric, it will only catch some parts of the perfume and not the entire accord. This makes it a slightly different sensory experience, when applied directly on the skin versus applying it to clothing.

“Ever since smelling Miss Dior, I haven’t been able to let go of using this scent. I also love the heavy glass bottle packaging with its bow cap. It’s pure luxury in presentation and experience in a bottle.”

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    Charis Udeh has loved Dior’s Miss Dior Eau de Parfum Spray for 10 years.

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