There’s something about having a supermarket job when you’re young that stays with you (shout-out Waitrose 664) – whether it’s the BFF you made with a colleague 20 years your senior, the two-day work week, or just general shop-floor fun.

For one teenager, that job means so much to her, she decided to commemorate it with a tattoo.

Leah, a 19-year-old who works in Asda, felt she has such a blast, she wanted to leave a permanent reminder to mark her time there.

So she got a tattoo of a little trolley on her wrist.

True to form, Leah wore her bright green Asda uniform as she filmed herself on TikTok with the new inking.

She said the idea of the tattoo started it as a joke but then she went and actually did it.

‘When you love your job at Asda so much that you make a joke about getting a trolley tattoo and you actually get it’ she wrote.

She then added in the caption, ‘love you forever,’ before tagging Asda.

love you 4ever @Asda 💚 #fyp #slayitwithgeorge #asda #asdaboldon @George At Asda

The video got some major love from people online, and the teen was even recognised by some of her customers.

While some asked why she would do such a thing, others applauded the move and commended the supermarket staff.

One viewer said: ‘You know what out of every supermarket, Asda always have the most friendly staff!’

Leah responded, saying: ‘Exactly! Always happy to help’.

When asked why she loves Asda so much, Leah replied: ‘What’s not to love?’

The new inking is even inspiring other Asda workers to do the same.

One person wrote: ‘Omg should I get a tattoo?!’

Leah’s reminding us of this guy who didn’t just get any tattoo, he got an M&S tattoo (despite not actually working there).

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