From skinny brows to low-rise jeans, there are some Y2K trends that we’re struggling to get on board with.

But now, there’s a new hair colour trend that has got us grabbing our UGG boots and pretending like it’s like the late 00s all over again.

Welcome back, dip dye hair.

You might remember the likes of Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens famously sporting the look. But fast forward a decade and after Florence Pugh was seen with dip dye locks on the Black Widow red carpet last year, the trend has slowly crept back into the mainstream.

‘It’s supposed to look like the hair is dipped in colour,’ says Nicole Petty, hair expert at Milk + Blush. ‘It’s a two-tone colouring technique which creates a contrast of colour from the mid-lengths to ends of your hair, usually from dark to light.

‘When it was previously popular, the dip dye trend was much bolder, with bright colours all the rage, whereas now it can be achieved with natural tones if you’d prefer.’

It’s similar to the ever-popular balayage – but much more obvious.

‘When creating a balayage look, a stylist will sweep the hair’s surface from the midshaft with a selection of colours to create a blended look,’ says Nicole.

‘In comparison, the dip-dye technique involves a stylist choosing a shade four to five shades lighter than your hair for a statement look.’

So how do you know if the iconic late 00s look is right for you?

Well firstly, there are some things to consider before you book that appointment with your colourist.

Nicole says: ‘Be mindful that the style requires a lot of maintenance and will need to be topped up every two weeks if you want to keep it looking vibrant.

‘Haircut and style is also a consideration too. Dip dye styles tend to look better on those with mid-long hair as there is more of a contrast.’

But if you do decide to take the dip-dye plunge, you’ve got lots of options.

Nicole says: ‘Dip dye offers the most versatility to brunettes as it requires you to go at least four to five shades lighter than your natural hair colour, such as lighter brown, blonde or red.

‘For blondes, if you want the look to be more natural, it’s best to begin with a darker shade of blonde if you want this technique to work, dipping the hair in shades such as platinum to contrast well against it.

‘However, the one advantage blondes have over darker hair colours is that they can experiment with pastel or bold hair colours for a statement look.

‘And for redheads, opt for a bright, bold red to make the contrasting colour really pop.

‘Your stylist should be able to create a colour look that suits your skin tone.’

Excuse us while we call the salon.

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