The Clay Mask That Sells Every 10 Seconds Is Now Available as a Cleanser

The skincare world stopped when Australian brand Sand & Sky released its Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask in 2018. The purifying mask quickly amassed a waitlist of over 12,000, and shoppers have raved about its "pore-clearing wizardry" ever since. Three years later, the creators of the customer-loved mask are back with a new spin on the original product: The Australian Pink Clay Deep Pore Cleanser officially launches today. 

"The requirements for an everyday clay cleanser have taken us on a very long journey," Sarah Hamilton, cofounder of Sand & Sky, told InStyle. "As soon as we launched the mask, everyone was like, 'How can I get that into my routine every day?' Everyone hates their pores, so that's why we were like, 'How do we have something that's really great, suitable for sensitive skin, that draws out those impurities?' We wanted it to lightly exfoliate but be gentle enough for daily use. And we had to make sure it removed makeup."

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After more than two years of development, a winning formula was born. The Deep Pore Cleanser is packed with locally-sourced Australian ingredients, from the detoxifying pink clay that made the brand famous to antioxidant-rich luffa plant extract and lesser-known finger lime, which contains powerful chemical exfoliants called AHAs. 

"Australian finger lime is super high in AHAs," Hamilton explained. "So not only is that clay drawing out those impurities, but the finger lime and luffa plant extract help gently exfoliate. So you've got this really refined, daily-use product for beautiful, smooth skin." 

It also contains macadamia oil, which Hamilton described as a "natural, plant-derived source of squalane," an ingredient known for its skin-hydrating properties. "You get that real moisture, so as soon as you use the product, you feel very moisturized," she said. 

Before launching the cleanser, Sand & Sky ran a trial period with some of its top customers. According to Hamilton, 95 percent saw results immediately after their first use. "People are seeing refined pores from lemon myrtle, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness, and then that really moisturized skin from the macadamia oil. It really packs a punch, the formula. Compared to other products, you'll be able to see those benefits right away."

The Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Deep Pore Cleanser is available at Ulta now. At $30, it's hardly a hefty skincare investment, but it's sure to deliver pore-tightening, hydrating effects you can see and feel.

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