The IU Diet: Risks And Benefits

The IU diet became popular thanks to a talented K-Pop singer Lee Ji-Eun. She aimed to shed excess pounds before becoming a star. The diet became widespread not only in South Korea, but all over the world as well. The IU diet excludes numerous foods and is based on traditional Korean cuisine and might be challenging for some people. In this article you will find more detailed information about this diet and its risks and benefits. Let’s start.

The basics and benefits of the IU diet

Korean idols follow the K-pop diet, which has a number of basic principles:

·        No sugar

·        Eating fermented foods daily

·        More fruits and veggies

·        Minimally processed foods

·        More fish and chicken

·        Limited amounts of red meat

·        Low-fat foods

·        Soy-rich foods

·        Physical activity

·        Eating the amount of calories which will be possibly burnt later

Limited consumption of sugar and fried foods, as the diet demands, can help to significantly lower the risks of chronic diseases, obesity, and early death. So, by following a dietary plan, which includes plant-based, fermented and whole foods you can both slim down and strengthen your overall health as well.

Is the IU diet safe?

The IU diet has a rapid weight loss effect and has the following structure:

·        Breakfast: one apple

·        Lunch: one sweet potato

·        Dinner: one protein shake

As you can see, the diet is far from being well-balanced and risk-free. While sticking to the IU diet, you will face consistent nutrient deficiency, which can lead to a number of health issues, such as:

·        Weakened immune system

·        Fatigue

·        Scattered brain

·        Muscle aches

·        Severe hair loss

This meal plan won’t help you get the body of your dream, you’ll just get short-term results and regain your regular weight after the end of the diet. As it was mentioned above, it includes working out. However, it is important to rest as much as you can, since you are likely to face energy deficiency.

That is why, if you want to transform your body, consult your nutritionist, and establish healthy eating habits. In this way you’ll also provide your body with necessary nutrients that will allow it to function properly. Moreover, by sticking to a well-balanced meal plan, you’ll be able to perform exercises and even gain muscle mass.


In conclusion, the IU diet has more risks than benefits, so think twice whether it is worth to start it. This nutrition plan has numerous restrictions and is dangerous and extremely challenging. It is better to look for another way to shed pounds and get desired results without any damage to your health. Remember that before starting any new diet it is crucial to consult your dietitian in order to stay healthy. Your health is your number one priority and you should take care of yourself.

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