Written by Morgan Fargo

Something make-up artists do as second nature – applying brow gel correctly – is just as important as the product you use.

Let’s talk about frustrating things. Picking up your phone only to realise it hasn’t been charging all night; shaking the oat milk to find it’s been put back empty; commuting in general. There’s a lengthy laundry list of things that irk and irritate, and your eyebrows shouldn’t be one of them. 

The sustained popularity of full eyebrows has brought with it myriad innovative inventions. And, while I’m particularly partial to the eyebrow gels that come with a brush and can be used for my baby, flyaway and brow hairs, finding one that truly works has been a journey. 

However, my research did lead to an interesting finding: the brow gel you choose is important, yes, but it’s the application that makes a sizeable difference, too. 

Something I had seen make-up artists do as second nature, I adopted into my own routine, loading each eyebrow with gel before attempting to brush it into shape. 

Where before I would comb my brow up once or twice (and be inevitably disappointed when it fell down within the hour), taking the extra few seconds to massage the product into the hair made the world of difference. 

The fluffy, full look I was attempting came true! And it lasted all day! Here’s what to do. 

1. Clean the hair

Before you do anything to your eyebrows, take a cotton pad (reusable or otherwise), a towel or a face cloth and gently wipe any product from your eyebrows. If you do your eyebrows last in your routine, it’s likely other make-up (foundation or powder) or skincare will be on them and hinder how well the brow gel is able to adhere. 

2. Brush the gel in every direction

Take your eyebrow gel wand, toothbrush or spoolie and coat it with the product. Then, brush it into the hair in a variety of directions, focusing on even coverage from the root to the tip of the hair. 

3. Lay the hairs in place

Finally, brush the hairs into the shape you want. Try to avoid pulling a jumper or top over your head while your brows are drying, it could cause the hairs to become muddled and messy again.

Some make-up artists suggest holding the eyebrow in shape for up to 10 seconds straight afterwards to intensify the hold.

Main image: Morgan Fargo

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