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Here’s everything you need to know about the new brand.

New beauty, skincare and haircare launches are the bread and butter of Stylist’s beauty desk. Especially when it’s a brand that looks out for the planet as much as it does for our skin. Enter Plantopia, a support system for your face and body that champions sustainable ingredients and aromatherapeutic blends.

Featuring four ranges within the skincare line, Plantopia has paired adaptogens and essential oils to Detox & Purify, Rest & Sleep, Relax & Calm and Energise & Uplift. 

Holistic and versatile enough to be used in multiple ways (a bath soak that doubles as a body scrub, for example), here is a handful of the products we’re most excited to pop on our shelves. 

  • Plantopia At Ease Soaking Salts

    Adaptogen: schisandra; essential oil: elemi

    A powder-to-milk formula, these bath salts help to improve moisture levels in the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, cleansed and soothed.

    Shop Plantopia At Ease Soaking Salts, £18

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  • Plantopia Clean Slate Face & Space Mist

    Adaptogen: schisandra; essential oil: elemi

    I always keep a refreshing facial spray on hand – to revive tired skin but also to sandwich in hydration; it’s a must. This alcohol-free mist supports the healthy functioning of the skin barrier, keeping moisture inside and protecting from the damaging effects of environmental stressors and free radicals.

    Shop Plantopia Clean Slate Face & Space Mist, £18

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  • Plantopia Dusk to Dawn Night Oil

    Adaptogen: ashwagandha; essential oil: sandalwood

    Lightweight and soothing, pop this facial oil on before bed to restore, replenish and calm irritation overnight. 

    Shop Plantopia Dusk to Dawn Night Oil, £28

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  • Plantopia Moonlight Slumber Soak & Scrub

    Adaptogen: ashwagandha; essential oil: sandalwood

    A helping hand to falling asleep, this dual soak and scrub can be used to exfoliate, moisturise the skin and calm you down enough to drift off peacefully.

    Shop Plantopia Moonlight Slumber Soak & Scrub, £22

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  • Plantopia This Glow Face Serum

    Adaptogen: ginseng; essential oil: lemongrass

    Help invigorate stressed skin with a non-greasy serum that helps to boost the radiance and glow of tired, sallow skin.

    Shop Plantopia This Glow Face Serum, £26

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  • Plantopia Clean Serene Bath and Body Oil

    Adaptogen: turmeric; essential oil: geranium

    When my skin is feeling particularly dry, I like to double down on my moisturising regime. This bath and body oil can be used before or after you soak as a nourishing step in your routine.

    Shop Plantopia Clean Serene Bath and Body Oil, £22

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