This Nourishing Body Lotion Slows Down Signs of Aging — and It’s a Staple in My Mom’s Routine

If there's one thing I've noticed from studying my mom's skincare regimen over the years, it's her unrelenting commitment to body lotion. I've often neglected bodycare in favor of hydrating more delicate areas (like my face and neck), but she's always reminded me of the importance of caring for all of your skin. And since her dedication has resulted in younger, smooth-looking skin, I made sure to take note of her latest obsession.

The Suzanne Organics Nourishing Body Lotion combines a number of clean, gluten-free ingredients into one wrinkle-fighting formula that helps repair skin from sun damage, stress, and dryness. Beta-carotene brings a high dose of vitamin A to protect against environmental aggressors, while argan oil maintains skin's moisture. Sea buckthorn berry, which is packed with essential fatty acids to boost elasticity and prevent sagging, is also included. 

My mom says the emollient formula hydrates parched skin like a "drink of water." She also claims that the velvety texture glides on without feeling greasy, and it's moisturizing enough that she only needs a small amount across all areas of the body. Beyond its soothing feel, she loves the subtle orange and vanilla scent that adds a touch of aromatherapy. After using it consistently for almost a month, she says her skin feels tighter and "glows more than it ever has before."

Suzanne Organics Body Lotion

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She's not alone in her obsession with this hidden skincare gem. "I don't want to use products that harm my body and in these times it is really difficult to find a body lotion that is void of destructive chemicals yet is rich and fragrant," wrote one reviewer. "I don't usually write reviews but I felt I needed to remark on how wonderful I think this product is and how thankful I am to have discovered it."

"Suzanne's lotion has a pleasing, light fragrance that the skin absorbs well," said another. "Best of all it takes care of my dry skin with natural ingredients. I've been using it for approximately 6 months and have now tossed all other brands away."

The Nourishing Body Lotion is available on the Suzanne Somers website for $30 per bottle — though you may love it enough to subscribe to recurring monthly deliveries, which will save you 25 percent. 

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