Everyone’s favorite Bad Gal (and billionaire), Rihanna woke up with good news and a heaping bowl of caviar after finding out that her eagerly awaited perfume sold out in a day. 

The Fenty Eau De Parfum that dropped on August 10 had many people excited to finally smell like Rihanna, especially after all the buzz surrounding her sexy aroma. Don’t believe us? Check out this compilation that the singer-turned-mogul posted on her Instagram that proves our point.


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Thanks to TikTok and other social media outlets, people who weren’t able to get their hands on the coveted release were able to get details from influencers, thanks to videos that showed their initial reactions when unpackaging the latest fragrance, along with their honest opinions. Surprisingly, it was met with mixed reviews. 

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While many people voiced that the scent was just what they expected the 33-year-old star to smell like, others were shocked that the fragrance wasn’t more rebellious and “head-turning.”

Below see what TikTokers had to say about the scent. 

Blackgirlssmellgood says, “It’s a beautiful scent, but not what I was expecting from Rihanna. I give it a seven out of ten.”

Reply to @blackgirlssmellgood My 1st impression of the new #FENTYPARFUM 👀😭✨ @fentybeauty #blackgirlssmellgood #perfumetiktok #fentybeauty

Funmimonet says, “It was a very safe release for Rihanna because it is a great fragrance that you can wear every single day. It’s not a fragrance that’s going to turn heads, though. I give it a seven out of ten.”

My thoughts: 7/10 great choice for a daily perfume. #fentyparfum #fentyperfume #perfumetiktok #smellgood #fypシ

Deja.zhane says, “It’s not a very overpowering scent, it’s very soft and you can layer it with other fragrances.” 

NOW I SMELL LIKE RIHANNA 🤩@fentybeauty #fentybeauty #fentyreview #fentyparfum #fentyperfume #honestreview #review

Makeupbykalyssa says, “If you want to smell rich b**ch, then get this.”

I got the @fentybeauty perfume early & I am actin up 👅 #fentybeauty #fentyparfum #perfumetok #perfumereview #fyp #theylovemysmell

Jada.andreya says, “Y’all, I really wanted to like it. But if you’re a WARM WOODS type of person…this is your speed! I give it a six out of ten.”

Y’all I really wanted to like it. But if youre a WARM WOODS type of person…this is your speed! #fentyparfum #fypシ #perfume #review

So, what do you think? Will you be purchasing the $120 perfume? If so you can get it at fentybeauty.com…when it restocks. 

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