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Forget the classic sunkissed hair trend; we’re 100% in the mood for moonlit strands… 

Considering so many of us went without seeing a hairdresser IRL last year (thanks again, Covid), it’s little wonder that we’ve been celebrating the end of lockdown with a bevy of beautiful new hair trends.

From coconut blondes to grey blends, curtain bangs to one-minute mullets, we’ve been throwing caution to the wind and getting experimental with our locks. 

Now, social media has offered up another gorgeous trend for brunettes to try: twilighting.

Before you ask, twilighting has absolutely nothing to do with that vampire movie of a similar name.

Instead, it’s all about combining a classic brunette balayage with babylights to create the effect of moonlight streaming across your brown hair.

For example: 

As the experts at Wella Professionals put it: “Sometimes, [these hair colouring techniques] are applied side by side, while other times the techniques are fused together for freehand, micro-fine highlights.

“The definitive way to work the trend is through a dark or medium brown base, giving the impression of soft, glowing light hitting strands as the sun disappears beyond the horizon.”

Essentially, the key to this trend is making the highlights look as natural (and striking) as possible, which means you’ll want to create a “dimensional” effect.

That’s right; every single highlight in this look will need to be carefully mapped and planned. And this means it’s a good idea to head to a salon if you’re up for trialling the twilighting trend (you can DIY it if you’d prefer, but stick to temporary dyes if so, as it’s a fiddly one to nail first time and requires quite a bit of finesse).

It’s a good idea to take a few photos along with you to show your hairdresser exactly what you’re looking for, as there are plenty of twists on this trend.

Essentially, though, the clever people at Wella Professionals suggest you ask for brightness around the face (these babylights should be one to three shades lighter than the base colour), while keeping things deeper and darker around the back.

“Aim for golden hues that replicate the glow of twilight,” they add.

If twilighting isn’t your scene, but you’re still very into shaking up your brunette ‘do, then don’t despair; we’ve rounded up the most beautiful brown hair trends of the year so far, from Bella Hadid-inspired mocha chocolate hues to warm caramels.

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a big change, then it might be time to consider cutting your hair short. There’s a very good reason that psychologists have women with shorter hairstyles pegged as being more confident and empowered, after all, and who doesn’t love the idea of a self-esteem boost?

See you at the salon.

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