What Happened When This Guy Did 100 Pushups, Pullups, and Squats for 30 Days

The coronavirus pandemic has scrambled a lot of fitness routines. Nine months after lockdowns began in the United States, gyms are still closed in many places, forcing people to find new and creative ways to stay healthy, whether that’s building a playground workout or getting sweaty with Pauly Shore.

When health officials closed gyms in his state, David Forman took advantage of lockdown-time to challenge himself to do 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats every day for a month. As he describes in his video, he began the challenge as a relatively fit guy, at 6’2” and 162 pounds. He’d previously kept in shape by running, but he’d always been an ectomorph—a tall, lanky dude. He figured with few other options, a simple routine would still motivate him to keep active, and maybe build muscle along the way.

As he chronicles, his new habit took some getting used to. He developed nasty callouses on his palms. He woke up more sore than he expected and started to wonder whether he was giving himself enough recovery time between workouts. But he stuck with it, seeing his squat form improve and increased vascularity in his arms and hands.

After 30 days and 3,000 reps of each exercise, he reached the obvious conclusion: This was an experiment, but not really a sustainable routine. That said, he saw almost an inch of growth around his biceps; his abs were more well-defined. His big takeaway? It doesn’t always matter how perfect your form is, as long as you find a routine you can perform consistently.

“I’m currently developing an app that will help people track the progress on their intentions,” he adds. “I’m building a fun group game that will help others take on fitness challenges and track/visualize their progress together. My goal is to inspire others to make positive change in their lives.”

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