As the old saying goes, fashion trends might come and go, but true style is forever. And if Kendall Jenner’s Instagram — or basically any other millennial’s social media — is any proof of what’s currently on-trend, then phone straps are officially all the rage again.

The Y2K-inspired accessory — often decorated in all of its multi-colored, bead-embellished glory — first made its debut in the late ‘90s. But like all really good things, it’s not only making a comeback, but also being embraced by indie designers and top luxury brands alike.

The latest renditions of the phone strap accessory boast a much more modern and clean aesthetic. But with so many varieties currently available on the market, it’s easier than ever for young shoppers to get in on the Instagram trend, put their personality on full display and dramatically elevate their selfie game. Below, check out ET Style’s go-to picks for where to find your new favorite summer accessory.

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