Wow, Justin Bieber Covering Up His Tattoos Really Unleashed People's Thirst on Twitter

Wow, Justin Bieber Covering Up His Tattoos Really Unleashed People’s Thirst on Twitter

Unlike Pete Davidson, Justin Bieber probably doesn’t have any plans to get all of his tattoos removed anytime soon, but after one of his most recent Instagram posts, we at least know what might happen if he did. As he revealed in the short video, the singer covered up all of his tattoos to get into character for his new music video for “Anyone,” and oh, boy, did that inspire a lot of thirst tweets in the days that followed.

“No tats for the #Anyonevideo,” Bieber captioned the time-lapse video of his team using makeup to cover up his tattoos while on set. The clip itself is oddly satisfying to watch, but what a lot of fans are arguably even more satisfied with is how the singer looks without tattoos, with some suggesting that he looks better without them and others claiming that the look reminds them of Bieber in the earlier days. “Justin Bieber without tattoos hits different!!!” one person wrote on Twitter. Another wrote, “Wow Justin Bieber covered up his tattoos for his music video and gurl idk how to act.”

We’ll admit that we didn’t really know how to act after seeing the video either, but thankfully, the behind-the-scenes clip is proof that his tats aren’t going anywhere, so there’s no reason to fret. Read ahead to check out what others think about Bieber’s temporary make-under.

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