90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 10 showed couples in very different places.

Some drew closer together. Some were torn apart. And some were disappointed and grossed out by other people in their lives.

First up, Ariela took Avi for his surgery, which went much better than his father's behavior back in Ethiopia.

Corey and Evelin are slowly getting to a better place … but can it last?

Ellie and Victor work on his house, but the damage to their relationship can't be fixed with an overpriced drill.

Jenny has taken ill, and Sumit's parents are less than understanding … and their proposed cure is worse than the ailment.

Kenneth's one wish for their wedding is looking less likely when they meet with the wedding planners, while Armando has his own disappointments.

Steven finally proves himself to Alina, but that's just the first step. He has to win her back … before he proposes.

1.Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

2.Ariela feels okay about this

3.Janice is worried that Ariela will have a panic attack

4.The surgery went well!

5.It's also a great time to remind Ariela of her priorities

6.Of course, there are other issues at play

7.Ariela does want to move out of Ethiopia, but …

8.Later, things are much worse

9.That's it

10.Biniyam doesn't like that

11.He should get tested

12.Biniyam denies it, but …

13.Who KNOWS what he's been up to?

14.Biniyam tries to insist that she can't decide this

15.Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

16.Corey is ready to prove himself

17.Corey is already taking the right steps


19.Ellie Rose and Victor McLean

20.Not all of the damage is physical

21.They're divided over priorities

22.Victor seems of two minds

23.They clash

24."Seriously, Ellie doesn't help"

25.Ellie does help, actually

26.Later, cooler heads prevailed

27.Ellie understands

28.Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten

29.Apparently it's disrespectful to be sick

30.Apparently it's "no big deal"

31.They insist upon waking up Jenny


33.This is APPALLING


35.Time for mandatory yoga!

36.Sahna is again quick to note that Jenny is new at this

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