Amanda Holden suffers major wardrobe malfunction at BGT auditions in naughty admission

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, 51, made a somewhat naughty admission after a hilarious clip captured the wardrobe mishap. The ITV star confessed that her microphone had fallen down her dress and landed in a rather inappropriate place. 

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Amanda left her BGT pals in fits of giggles when she realised the microphone she was wearing had slipped too low while she was making her way over to the judging panel.

The Heart Radio host, who looked stunning in a pink long-sleeved bodycon dress, went on to reveal that the mix on her back had fallen down into a rather unexpected place.

The star expressed a mock look of horror as she hastily grabbed her dress, as the audience burst out laughing.

Hosts Ant McPartin and Declan Donnelly also appeared to find the whole thing hysterical as Amanda reached across to grab the mic on the judging desk.

“Say no to crack!” she joked. “Literally, my mic pack has gone right down my bum. You’ll be hearing all kinds of interesting noises.”

Amanda Holden, 51, looked uncomfortable as she strolled towards the judging panel

The Britain’s Got Talent judge’s microphone seemed to have slipped down her dress

Amanda Holden looked shocked as she discovered the major wardrobe malfunction

The Heart Radio presenter realised the microphone had landed in a rather inappropriate place.

Amanda Holden adjusted her pink frock as she reached the judging panel

The actress was keen to explain what had happened as the audience began to giggle

Amanda Holden caused hosts Ant McPartin and Declan Donnelly to start laughing

The pair couldn’t help themselves as it became clear what had happened.

Amanda Holden addressed the audience by grabbing a second mic

The former musical theatre performer joked: “Say no to crack! Literally, my mic pack has gone right down my bum. You’ll be hearing all kinds of interesting noises.”

Amanda Holden looked pretty in pink for the occasion

The ITV star looked sensational in the pink long-sleeved bodycon dress.

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