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As women get older, hair texture changes and for many, it thins. The best way to combat thinning is by adding layers, however, the incorrect placement of layers or the wrong type can draw more attention to signs of ageing. Hair experts have shared their dos and don’ts when it comes to mature ladies asking for layers to boost hair volume. 

Jack Miles and Rosie Myers have decades of experience cutting and styling hair. Between them, they have said four types of layers can age someone.

These are layers that are too short, layers that are too long, layers that are too uniform, and having too many layers. 

Layers that are too short 

Similarly, cutting layers too short can make women look older than they are. 

Rosie said this is because the short layers “draw attention to wrinkles” and leave you “nowhere to hide”. 

Layers that are too long 

Many women say “I want layers but keep the length” when sitting in a hair salon chair. But you want to be careful when it comes to having long layers. 

Jack explained: “When layers are cut too long, they can end up creating a ‘stringy’ appearance.” 

In turn, the hair appears “thin and lifeless” and can “immediately age you”. 

if you’re someone with already fine hair, long layers can “give the impression that your hair is thinning with age”. 

Long layers also “drag down the face, with heavy ends giving your face a drooping appearance”, the hair expert said. 

Layers that are too uniform 

When “layers are cut to the same length throughout the entire head, it can create a flat, monotone look”, Jack said.

This can then make the hair “look dull and lifeless”, and flat or one-dimensional. 

Layers that are too similar can also “act like an arrow to areas you’d rather hide”.

When having layers cut to the same length, it can point out fine lines and wrinkles on the face. 

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Having too many layers 

Too many layers don’t add volume, they can make the hair stick to the scalp, resulting in a choppy and messy look. 

Rosie said if choppy layers are “too blunt they can end up making you look far older”. 

Many might think choppy layers are fun and create a youthful look, but they can “create a harsh, unbalanced look that can take away definition from the face”. 

Instead, you can end up with an “unruly and unkempt” finish. 

Unless you have very dense, thick hair, lots of layers can create an uneven appearance, and instead of making hair look voluminous, it appears dry and static. 

Lots of layers are also unnatural, and “hard to pull off [if you’re over 40”, Jack added. 

Layers for a youthful appearance 

The best way to “make yourself more youthful” with a haircut is by adding “face-framing layers”. 

Face-framing layers “soften the face” and break up any harsh lines, as well as adding some “roundness and body”, Jack suggests. They can also be “cut on an angle” so the hair moves naturally, and can produce texture to “lift the face”. 

Curtain bangs are also a great way to modernise a haircut and can be easily implemented into most styles. They are also “flattering to all face shapes” but opt for feathered ends instead of a blunt cut to “create a soft feminine look”.

The hairstylist told She Finds how curtain bangs are “not only very flattering but give the face a softness that can instantly take years off”. 

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