Amy Childs – ‘We want to film our wedding for a new TV show’

Amy Childs and fiancé Billy Delbosq recently got engaged after welcoming their beautiful baby twins, Billy and Milly, and it sounds like wedding bells could be ringing as soon as next year.

Despite the 33-year-old admitting they haven't spoken about the wedding since the proposal and just want to enjoy being in an 'engaged bubble', the mum-of-four also knows exactly what she wants when it comes to their big day.

"I said [to Billy], 'Are you sure you want to marry me?' Jokes aside, we’re thinking maybe next year. I want my body back to looking good because we’ll hopefully film it," the TOWIE star says.

"I’d love to do a wedding TV show. Harry [Amy’s cousin] and I met up straight away for a wedding dress try-on! But right now, we want to enjoy being engaged."

Billy, who recently became a first-time dad to Billy and Milly, also gave his wedding wishes too. Revealing he'd love for the twins to walk down the aisle and said it would "top the day" for them.

The 40-year-old it seems is a true romantic when it comes to love and tells us he purchased Amy's stunning engagement ring when they were in the Dubai.

Billy, who Amy said knew she'd want a "nice diamond", calls the ring "unbelievable" but also reflects on the stress trying to guess his soon-to-be-wife's ring size.

"I didn’t know if it was too big and whether to downsize, but Amy said, 'That’s not coming off now!'," he says.

"Amy saw a few rings she liked at a jeweller’s when we were in the Dominican Republic [filming TOWIE]. One stuck in my mind, so I had it designed in Dubai and then flown over, which made it even more special."

Although Amy reveals she'd love to walk down the aisle next year, it sounds like the pair could have their hands full as they've recently become a family of six.

Speaking about how she manages to juggle it all, Amy says: "It’s full on, but we’re taking it in our stride. I still can’t believe

"I have four kids. We’re happy and in a really good place. It’s tough with twins but I wouldn’t change it for the world."

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