Britney Spears Husband Sam Asghari Says He Does Not Control Her Social Media

Britney Spears is totally in control of her own life, social media, and especially her meals … so says husband Sam Asghari.

The singer’s husband was running errands in Los Angeles on Friday when photogs asked him if he was controlling Britney.

Sam flat out says “no” … going even further to say he doesn’t even control what the recently married couple eats for dinner.

There are various conspiracy theories being floated on social media in regard to Britney’s social media presence … with some of her fans under the belief Sam is pulling the strings on her posts.

But, Sam says that’s just not true. He says he understands why those notions are out there, given all of what went on during Britney’s conservatorship, but he says concerns about Britney just illustrate how she has “good fans.”

As we first told you … Britney’s fans think she may be missing, in trouble or even dead, but sources close to her tell us she’s safe and sound.

Now, Sam’s saying the same thing here.

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