Cheryl Hines’s Hollywood friends do not support her bonkers anti-vaxx husband

In April, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched his presidential campaign. Kennedy used to be a somewhat respected environmentalist and, of course, he has that famous name and pedigree. Unfortunately, in recent years, RFK Jr’s whole deal is “being anti-vaccine.” He’s one of those people – he uses his platform to promote an anti-science, anti-medicine, anti-common sense agenda. He’s ranted about 5G and how the youths are shooting up schools because they’re on benzos and he even dragged Anne Frank into his ranting. Apparently, Silicon Valley is already lining up behind him, which should give you some idea of just how out-of-touch Silicon Valley’s money guys are.

Kennedy is also married to actress Cheryl Hines and he’s using his wife’s Hollywood connections to make some inroads with the Hollywood donor machinery. Although it looks like he’s going to have a harder time in LA. Well, this week, the NY Times did a completely overwrought piece called “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants to Be President. Cheryl Hines Is Along for the Ride.” In the sub-head, the Times asks if Hines is “normalizing his often dangerous ideas.” So, I didn’t read the whole thing – it’s really long and repetitive – but from what I did read, Hines basically wants everyone to stop asking her about her husband. She wants to just pretend his whole deal isn’t happening. She doesn’t want to answer for his dangerous ideas, and she would just rather be a working actress and be married to someone who isn’t a raving lunatic.

It seems clear RFK Jr. will need Ms. Hines, who is in the unique position of being more recognizable to some voters than her candidate husband, to help soften his image for those put off by his crusade against vaccines and history of promoting conspiracy theories, such as the false narrative that Bill Gates champions vaccines for financial gain.

“I support Bobby and I want to be there for him, and I want him to feel loved and supported by me,” said Ms. Hines, who is a registered Democrat. “And at the same time, I don’t feel the need to go to every political event, because I do have my own career.”

Friends keep checking in on her. Elections can get ugly, and Mr. Kennedy’s campaign, seemingly by design, will put him in contact with many of this country’s more unconventional voters.

In an interview with Breitbart News Daily — Mr. Kennedy has appeared frequently on right-wing cable shows and podcasts — he said, in response to a question that involved the phrase “cancel culture,” that Ms. Hines’s career had already suffered because of her support for his candidacy.

Ms. Hines clarified: “I haven’t lost any jobs because of my support for his candidacy, but there was a project I’m involved in where there was a pause for discussion about how his candidacy might affect what we are doing but it has been resolved.” Mr. Kennedy added that so far, “I feel a lot of support and love from most of her friends, including Larry.” (In a text, Mr. David clarified: “Yes love and support, but I’m not ‘supporting’ him.”)

[From The NY Times]

Larry David is the one who introduced Kennedy and Hines, so it’s extra-funny that he’s being so grumpy about how he absolutely does not support Kennedy’s whole deal now. I mean, these kinds of political-opposite marriages sometime happen between famous people and I always wonder if the couples actually talked about all of their political views before they got married. I can understand being swept up in romance and you’re riding the wave of hormones and pheromones, but do people get married without ever talking about “so, do you believe in vaccines?” Or “who did you vote for?” Or “do you think Anne Frank’s name should be invoked in your war against 5G?” Granted, I don’t think Kennedy was THIS bad when he and Hines first met, but holy sh-t, I would be out of there so fast.

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