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A SHORT bus ride from where I work in London, there's a small pub owned by a Hollywood A-lister.

Which is how I found myself drinking a pint at The Grapes on a Monday night after I'd finished work.

The small London pub piqued my interest when I discovered it was co-owned by actors Sir Ian McKellen and Sean Mathias.

For many other pubgoers, it seemed like Sir Ian McKellen was the big draw too.

The Hollywood actor rose to fame thanks to his role as the wizard Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films.

And Sir Ian and Sean Mathias aren't the first celebrities to praise the pub either.

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In its 500-year history, there have been several other famous patrons including Charles Dickens who is said to have danced on tables.

But in recent years, other famous faces have walked through its doors including Patrick Stewart, Rupert Evertt and Boris Johnson.

When I told one of my co-workers about my evening plans, he let slip that Sir Ian had been known to host Monday night quizzes at the pub from time to time.

Set in Limehouse, The Grapes is a narrow pub with limited space available for seating with just two tiny floors.

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While there are only a handful of tables on each floor, there are plenty of stools along the bar and walls.

The downstairs has tables, bar seats, and a wooden outdoor terrace overlooking the Thames.

Meanwhile, the upstairs dining area has several tables fashioned from whiskey barrels.

The pub is decorated with wooden pannelling throughout as well as oil paintings and chalkboards.

But the best piece of decor sits behind the bar, it's Gandalf's staff from the film franchise – a nod to Sir Ian's career.

At the bar, I ordered a pint of lager and asked if there was a good way to get a seat at one of the downstairs tables.

The bartender laughed and told me it was a simple case of turning up early because the pub doesn't take reservations.

After a little bit of loitering at the bar, I managed to nab a small table by the window.

If you're after a coveted table, you'll need to arrive early.

Despite being a small pub, there was a wide variety of dishes available including veggie burgers, seafood platters, and BBQ ribs.

My friend and I opted for traditional pub classics including fish and chips, and steak and chips.

The portion sizes were generous and each hearty main set me back £16, while pints cost just under £6.

After we finished our meals, we decided to stay for the Monday night quiz.

As the quiz master moved around the very busy bar, I was gutted to realise Sir Ian wouldn't be behind the microphone this evening.

Despite the lack of celebrity hosts, we paid the £2 entry fee.

The quiz consisted of 40 questions with bonus rounds where entrants could win free drinks, and I'm delighted to say I actually bagged myself a free pint.

While the quiz may have stretched my general knowledge, I loved the pub's lively atmosphere.

So, is the Grapes worth the journey from central London?

If you're a fan of traditional pubs, fun quizzes, and the Lord of the Rings, then it's definitely worth a trip.

There's no bad time of year to visit the pub either.

The terrace is a great place to unwind on a hot summer's day, while the inside would make a cosy spot to hide away in the winter.

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