Be careful what you wish for, Chrissy Teigen, because now the President is watching all of your tweets! Ha!

On Wednesday, the 35-year-old supermodel and mother of two hilariously tweeted at Joe Biden during his inauguration ceremony, and pointed out that the previous president, Donald Trump, had blocked her on Twitter for the last few years.

Now, with a new regime in office, perhaps it was Chrissy’s time to get unblocked and back in the Commander-in-Chief’s good graces?! Ya know, on social media, at least?!

Rather than just sit around hoping for good news, the funny foodie took it upon herself to make things happen, openly calling out Biden in the hopes that someone on his social media team would see this tweet (below):

LOLz! And what do you know?!?! IT WORKED!!

John Legend‘s wife flipped out when she realized she was one of a select few — 11 people, to be exact — who were first followed by the newly-elected Biden with his official @POTUS Twitter account:


But with attention comes pressure, and now Chrissy has to send #GoodTweets to make sure Biden stays entertained, right?! LOLz!!!

Like this one, about political villain Ted Cruz

A Day To Remember!

It wasn’t just an unforgettable follow from Biden that made inauguration day particularly special for Chrissy and her family, though!

As the Delaware politician’s big day became official and celebrations wound throughout, the cookbook author was in D.C. herself to join in, and she did so — stone-cold sober!

As you may recall, late last month, the cookbook author revealed she had stopped drinking for about four weeks, citing 2020’s personal/family challenges and emotional difficulties as reason enough to give up the hard stuff.

It appears she’s still going strong with that commitment, too, based on her commentary from Wednesday’s inauguration events:

Iconic! Such a legendary shot… and good for Chrissy, too!

Keep it up, girl!

Of course, neither she nor John needs any encouragement from anybody when it comes to their incredible sense of family style, as you can see from these other shots taken on Wednesday:

A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend)


A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend)

We love to see it!

Clearly, Abraham Lincoln did, too! LOLz!

A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend)

Now that is what an American family looks like in 2021, BTW! You LOVE to see it!

What do U think about Chrissy’s big day in Washington, Perezcious readers? How about Joe Biden — are you ready for him to bring some consistency (and calm!) to the White House?!

Sound OFF with your take about everything here down in the comments (below)!

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