Christina Aguilera Just Posed Topless on Instagram

Yesterday Christina Aguilera released her first Spanish album "La Fuerza" in over two decades and the reception for the new project was overwhelmingly positive. So, how did Xtina celebrate her recent success? With a topless photoshoot, of course.

On Friday, the pop star wore nothing but a barely-there thong in a gallery of sexy snapshots posted to Instagram. "Feeling ALL of your love for La Fuerza," she expressed her gratitude in the caption. "A huge thank you to everyone who supported and worked on this deeply heartfelt project! I am humbled and grateful to know each and every one of you and call you family in this beautiful & personal musical journey back home for me." In the red-filtered photographs, Christina strategically covered her chest with her hands and matched her glossy crimson lips to her butt-length, flame-colored waves.

She went on to explain the meaning behind the new album's title in the caption. "La Fuerza (The Strength)…in this first chapter, represents the different elements of what it means to be strong now, as I've unlocked new parts of myself as a woman, a fighter, a mother and creator," Aguilera wrote, adding: "We are all entitled to discovering ourselves, our truth and owning our own personal power in however that feels best for you. I want my fighters and anyone who hears this music to continue feeling empowered, vocal and free. Keep discovering yourself. Always remember— even in your weakest moments, how strong you truly are! You are capable of accomplishing so much and more than what we sometimes give ourselves credit for!"

"I hope my music helps connect and inspire La Fuerza inside of you," she concluded her message.

Aside from her music, Xtina's early aughts fashion has also experienced a renaissance as of late. From Dua Lipa to Kendall Jenner, it seems like everyone has been dressing like Aguilera from the early '00s, and she's truly flattered by the resurgence of her most iconic looks.

"I know low rise is coming back and the under-the-boob moments are coming back strong. It is really nice to look back and to recognize a lot of these moments. I know many female artists go through this, but sometimes we get heat for doing certain things, or not everyone gets it," she told InStyle back in November. "But when you do things that truly stand the test of time and become these iconic moments — I mean, I love looking at that and seeing that I spread some joy in people's lives in that way and being fashion-forward and experimental. I was never afraid to be myself and to express myself the way I really felt as an artist, and so it's awesome to see a new generation enjoy the fashion."

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