TikTok Users Say This Under-$20 Mask Gives Them Instant Glass Skin

When TikTok speaks highly of a beauty product, it's best to listen. The social media platform has become a go-to source for what's next in the world of glam. With so many paying attention to its viral products, blink and you might miss your chance at trying something new. As for the latest skincare obsession, TikTok users can't stop raving about this under-$20 Versed Skincare mask. 

Doctor's Visit, an instant resurfacing mask that's essentially a facial in a jar, is taking over TikTok. It started in December, when user Aisha Nur revealed that she had "achieved the all-over glass face." Attributing the glow to the Versed Skincare mask, Aisha has since inspired others to try the product, and many are sharing stunned reactions. 

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Formulated with lactic acid, salicylic acid, and pineapple and papaya enzymes that provide vitamin C, the mask is intended to brighten, smoothe, and nourish the skin. Doctor's Visit can be used once a week and should be applied to the face for two to three minutes before rinsing. (Note: As always, when trying a new skincare product, it's best to first conduct a patch test to ensure your skin can tolerate it.)

"I have been using this product for a while and my skin feels extremely smooth and supple. It is amazing for hyperpigmentation and I have enjoyed using it. I will get another one for sure," a Versed Skincare reviewer wrote. 

Another customer reported back after a month of use, writing, "This was a super easy and quick resurfacing mask to use. There is almost 0 scent to it and it [makes] my skin bright and flawless after each use. I think it also helped clear up some acne and post acne discoloration."

Others said that skin appeared "brighter and more vibrant" and one reviewer claimed that their "skin had never been more clear." These improvements can likely be attributed to the lactic and salicylic acids. Dermatologist Janet Prystowsky previously approved the use of these acids in an interview with InStyle, noting, "If you tend to have more sensitive skin, I suggest sticking with glycolic acid and lactic acid. If you know that you can handle more, try salicylic acid."

Some reviewers with sensitive skin have tolerated the use of Doctor's Visit. "I have rather sensitive skin and I've experienced no issues," wrote one shopper. Another added, "My skin is very sensitive to chemical exfoliants, and this one packs a punch while still being gentle. I love using this one once a week."

There's no telling how long this TikTok skincare star will stick around. Grab it before it's gone on the Versed website.

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