Hello, what is your favorite Christina Aguilera era and why is it “Dirrty”? Due to being a living legend, Xtina received the Music Icon Award at 2021 People’s Choice Awards last night, and went ahead and recreated her most iconic “Dirrty”-era signature look, aka a yellow and black fit featuring some casual chaps:

Actually, lemme just drop the entire 2002 performance:

So we can compare it to THIS amazingness:

Living up to her icon status!

FYI, Xtina performed a medley of her hits last night before accepting her award. “What an exceptional honor. To be standing here receiving an award with the word ‘icon’ is truly surreal,” she said. “I have always strived for my music to communicate messages of empowerment, whether it’s speaking my own truths or giving voice to those unable to do so on their own. My artistry has always been for the fighters in this world, for those who face adversity, for those wanting to evoke change, my music is for you.”

“Believing in yourself is often the biggest obstacle of all, and throughout the years I’ve heard your stories about the impact of songs like ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Fighter,’ ‘Can’t Hold Us Down,’ and yes, even ‘Dirrty,'” she continued. “Thank you for your stories. Thank you for listening. And thank you for fighting. You inspire me every day.”

Why am I crying?!?!?!

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