A 15-year-old cat called Farrah is desperately hoping that ‘Santa Paws’ will grant her Christmas wish and find her a new home for Christmas.

The golden oldie, known as an ‘absolute sweetheart’, came into the care of the RSPCA in Portsmouth in July after her previous owner passed away.

‘All Farrah wants for Christmas is a warm and cosy home to call her own,’ said Kate Luxford, cattery supervisor at RSPCA Stubbington Ark.

‘She is looking for a special someone to share her twilight years with so when she was asked to put together her Christmas list for “Santa Paws”, all Farrah asked for was a forever home.’ 

When she first came into the shelter, Farrah wasn’t a happy camper due to suffering from hyperthyroidism, which can raise a cat’s metabolism and cause lethargy, hyperactivity, and noisy, cheeky behaviour. 

But since having surgery to fix the issue, her behaviour has improved, and she’s become much happier. 

‘We have been working very closely with Farrah,’ explained Kate, ‘and she has started to thrive with the help of some treats. She’s a real foodie.

‘She can be an absolute sweetheart who enjoys some gentle fuss but will let you know when she’s had enough.’

Kate says her new owners will need to be patient, loving and happy to have Farrah as their only pet. 

‘They will also have some experience with cat behaviour and understand that she doesn’t want to be over-handled,’ she added.

‘Her favourite thing to do is to rub around your legs when you’re sitting in a chair. She could do this all day long.’

As she’s in her twilight years, Farrah is very content to just sit and relax all day, and would love an adult-only household with someone who’s around most of the time to keep her company.

If you think Farrah could be the cat for you, contact the RSPCA Solent branch (Stubbington Ark) on 01329 667541.

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