‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 Star Lisa Yamada Shares 10 Fun Facts About Herself (Exclusive)

Lisa Yamada is starring in the new season of Cruel Summer!

The actress will be seen in the second season of the Freeform anthology series as Parker, a popular musician who becomes more cynical as the world takes a dark turn around her.

In season two, we see the rise and fall of an intense teenage friendship. Approaching the story from three different timelines surrounding Y2K, the season twists and turns as it tracks the early friendship between Megan, Isabella and Megan’s best friend Luke, the love triangle that blossomed, and the mystery that would impact all of their lives going forward.

VIDEO: Watch the Cruel Summer season two trailer here!

You may also recognize her from past roles, including on Little Fires Everywhere, Game Shakers, All American and Freeform’s Party of Five.

We recently caught up with Lisa, and got to know 10 Fun Facts about her.

See what she shared with us inside…

Check out what she revealed below…

  • 1. I am THE BIGGEST Twilight fan. Anyone who knows me knows that loving Twilight is my defining personality trait. I even have 2 tattoos dedicated to Twilight and went on a trip to Oregon and Washington just to see all of the filming locations!!
  • 2. I am a mother to a golden retriever named Hazel that weighs 125 pounds. She isn’t overweight or anything– she’s just tall and massive.
  • 3. English isn’t my first language! Both my parents are immigrants from Japan so I spent the first 5 to 6 years of my life only speaking Japanese.
  • 4. My first ever job was a Verizon commercial that aired in Asia. I remember we had to film different versions of the commercial in a variety of languages because it was gonna air in so many Asian countries.
  • 5. Before booking Cruel Summer, I was taking classes to become a nurse! I took a bunch of science classes and I was on track to start nursing school in the following semester. I had a 4.0 GPA and even made the dean’s list!
  • 6. My favorite artist is Billie Eilish. I’ve seen her twice in concert. The first time I saw her live was at a small venue before she was super famous. The second time I saw her live was at the Forum and my friend and I were able to see her front row!
  • 7. My 7th fun fact is that my angel number is 777! I really want to get 777 tattooed but my mom says that I should take a break from getting more tattoos…
  • 8. Speaking of tattoos– I currently have 7 tattoos but I might have more by the time this article releases… Sorry mom!
  • 9. I was a varsity cheerleader in high school but got bumped down to junior varsity after missing so many cheer practices in order to go to all of my auditions. Whatever. It was worth it.
  • 10. I grind my teeth like crazy when I sleep. My friends hate me for this but I hate putting my night guard in so y’all are just gonna have to deal with it. Oops.

Cruel Summer season two premieres Monday, June 5th at 9pm ET/PT on Freeform.

Lisa will also be seen in the upcoming movie I Wish You All the Best, alongside her Cruel Summer co-star Lexi Underwood!

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