After raising millions for cancer charities Deborah James, aka 'bowel babe', has shared with the world that she is now receiving end of life care and opened up about how she's dealt with telling her children about the devastating news.

The 40 year old star, who has been battling bowel cancer for five years, announced to her Instagram followers that she has reached the final stage of her life earlier this week.

Deborah is trying to get everything organised before her death and the brave star suffer want to spend her time with her family.

She said: "I want to die listening to my family, I want to hear the normal buzz of life as I go."

The mother of two was first given her terminal diagnosis of stage four bowel cancer at the age of 35. She’s had 17 tumours removed, her lungs deflated and her body dissected.

Deborah has come back to her parents’ home in Woking to die, and added to the BBC: “I haven’t drunk any alcohol for a year, but the hospice staff said, ‘Deborah, you are dying, you can drink what you like.’ So I am having a glass of champagne.”

Her siblings and children, 14 year old Hugo and 12 year old Eloise, have come to be with her and she admitted “it’s been hideous telling my children."

Deborah added: "My husband Sebastien has been incredible, he has dropped everything and is with me 24/7. My first thought was [that] I don’t want my children to see me like this.

"I didn’t think I would be able to speak to them without crying, but I’d love one last cuddle with them.”

“There’s quite a lot of death admin to do, in my mind I’m trying to get all the last bits sorted," Deborah continued. "I don’t think they [my children] will crumble when their world crumbles.

"Retrospectively, the Covid pandemic was a massive blessing for our family. I watched every moment of them growing up in our little bubble and that makes up [for] some of the years I will lose.

"I feel confident they are doing really well; they are both now at secondary school, where they board. They are so happily busy, I get messages saying, ‘Sorry I can’t call you tonight.’ That’s great. They can function without me.”

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