So much for home-field advantage.

A massive crowd of Dodgers fans flocked to Minute Maid Park in Houston to watch L.A. take on the Astros on Tuesday … and trolled the living hell outta the home team over the infamous cheating scandal!!

It was the first time fans were in attendance for a Dodgers vs. Astros game in Houston since the 2017 World Series — which, of course, many believe was tainted due to the ‘Stros’ elaborate electronic sign-stealing operation.

“Cheaters!” chants? Check. Mean signs? Check. Blowup trash cans? Check. Dominant win for the Dodgers? Big ass check.

The scene was insanity as Clayton Kershaw led L.A. to an easy 9-2 win … and you gotta think the Dodger fans taking over the stadium had to play a part in it.

Of course, Dodgers players and fans have refused to forgive the Astros for robbing them of a title in ’17 … and let their hatred ring from start to finish.

The signs were aplenty — with fans saying things like “Read this sign … you cheated!” and making references to the trash can that was used in the operation as the real MVP of the series.

Dodgers star Justin Turner was a huge fan of the support … saying, “It was awesome. Some of the guys said tonight it finally felt like we were playing real baseball again.”

“We knew it was going to be loud. We knew there was going to be energy in the building tonight. Our Dodger fans obviously traveled really well.”

But, bad news for the ‘Stros … Pantone 294 — the group that organized the takeover — is teasing it’s only gonna get worse for Houston on Wednesday night.

And, to make things more fun, Trevor Bauer — who hates the Astros with a burning passion — is on the mound. So, yeah, don’t miss it.

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