Dwayne Johnson is making sure one of his biggest fans knows he’s by his side during an unbelievably trying time.

After learning of Ashley Cain’s daughter Azaylia Diamond’s fight against cancer and confirmed “days to live” following a lifelong battle with leukemia, The Rock reached out to provide some words of encouragement to the family. On Sunday, just one day after the former soccer player had dubbed the actor his hero, Ashley uploaded a vid to Instagram from the Hobbs & Shaw star himself.

In the clip, Dwayne shared:

“I want you tell you, first of all, I’m sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter Azaylia. I hope I pronounced her name right. You tell that little lion that I said, ‘Let’s go champ! Stay strong.’ And brother, I’m so sorry to hear this news but I don’t have to tell you that your daughter’s strength is what strengthens you and all her loved ones around her and in that, she’s already had this incredible impact on the world already. Stay strong, brother. Again, man, my heart breaks for you. Stay strong and tell that little lion I said, ‘let’s go champ!’ You stay strong, brother. Talk soon.”

The Ex on The Beach alum captioned the exciting post:

“Let’s Go Champ  @therock…I’m so proud of my little girl and so humbled by the impact she’s had on so many people around the world. From one of my hero’s to another… Let’s Go Champ! #AzayliaDiamondCain.”

Ch-ch-check out Johnson’s heartwarming message (below)!

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ICYMI, The Challenge star’s daughter has been suffering from leukemia since she was just weeks old. But just days ago, the family was given word that new tumors in her brain and on multiple organs made treatments ineffective. After a fight to prolong her life, Ashley and his daughter’s momma Safiyya Vorajee took the word of healthcare workers and returned home to have as “much fun as we can with her as possible.” So, so sad…

This story continues to be horribly heartbreaking, but we love that The Rock took a moment to share some love to a fan going through the unimaginable. As a dad of three, we’re sure Dwayne feels the pain of this father on a deep level!

The 48-year-old’s nod of support wasn’t the only bittersweet cause for celebration over the weekend either. After taking their girl home from the hospital on Friday, the couple celebrated the 8-month birthday of their “little lioness” on Saturday.

To mark the occasion, the father shared a sweet pic of Azaylia with her fist raised while being wheeled out in a gurney (above). He wrote of the emotional day:

“Yesterday Azaylia returned home from hospital like the fearless little lioness that she is. Today is her 8th month birthday! Happy 8 months baby! I honestly thought @therock was my hero until I spent the last 8 months with you. You taught me how to be strong when I needed strength, you taught me how to smile when I am feeling sad, you taught me how to cherish every single moment – as these moments are all we have. You’ve been tenacious, fearless, courageous, positive, happy and loving through times which I thought would make it impossible! You’ve given me the best 8 months of my life through the toughest of times. MY HERO I LOVE YOU

Determined to make the most of their short time together, the momma noted on her own IG:

“This morning I sang happy birthday to you in bed, as we were blessed to wake up with you & celebrate 8months of magical moments together , we had a fun day and done so many casting of your cute hands and feet 

You have changed me as a women in so many ways! You are my hero happy 8month birthday pretty girl, mummy loves you soooo much

Sadly, things began to take a turn for the worse on Sunday night when the tot was taken back to the hospital for an “emergency platelet transfusion” after she began to bleed from her nose. In an Instagram Story, the athlete explained the bleeding was to be expected given the placement of multiple cancerous tumors on the 8-month-old’s brain and organs. He shared that Azaylia’s blood cancer “eats away at the cells that help to clot the blood.” The young girl was put on oxygen and given a transfusion to avoid bleeding “out from the inside.” The dad added:

“That’s no way for Azaylia to go.”

No, it’s not!

Also, clearly understanding that his family’s story has reached millions, the reality star urged parents to “know your stuff” when dealing with hospital visits to make sure young patients are given the best medical treatment, even if it is just to “preserve” their life for as long as possible. Cain concluded:

“Every moment is precious, and I want every parent going through this to understand that.”

Similarly reflecting on the hospital visit, Vorajee wrote on Monday:

“Azaylia had a 30min transfusion, but this didn’t stop the bleeding over night, I put her on her observation machine so I could keep an eye on her oxygen & heart rate levels for reassurance. I have the privilege to wake up this morning and watch her open her eyes and play this is precious

Tomorrow isnt promised to anyone, waking up today is the blessing itself

Sending all our love to Ashley, Safiyya, and Azaylia!! So many people around the world are thinking of you in this challenging time!

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