Elon Musk is speaking his piece on the Johnny DeppAmber Heard trial — this after being sucked into the middle of it — and his parting sentiment to both is … turn a new leaf, y’all.

The Tesla chief responded to somebody on Twitter who recapped their thoughts on the trial and the standout moments — a tweet that you could, perhaps, interpret as anti-Amber — with EM chiming in … “I hope they both move on. At their best, they are each incredible.”

That’s an interesting take — especially since he dated Amber briefly after her split from Johnny … and, according to court testimony, also allegedly ponied up fat stacks of cash on her behalf.

On the face of this, you could argue that he sees both of them as deeply flawed … but also notes a side to each that shines. Weirdly enough, we’re not aware of any relationship Elon has with Johnny — he only spent time with AH, it seems — so his analysis is a bit cryptic.

As we all heard in this trial … the COO for the ACLU, Terence Dougherty, testified about what Amber had (or hadn’t, rather) donated since making her $3.5 million pledge in the wake of her divorce — noting they’d only received a small chunk of change from her personally.

Now, Dougherty suggested Elon had donated at least $500k to the ACLU in Amber’s honor. Ditto for the Children’s Hospital … another $500k there from Elon too, which also revealed in court. That’s upwards of a $1M for a woman he was with for maybe a year. Yeesh …

Elon was speculated to potentially testify in this case, but he was never called … neither was Paul Bettany or James Franco, other men who got roped into this thing.

As for where we go from here … the jury entered deliberations Friday without reaching a decision, so they’ll pick it back up on Tuesday to decide once and for all who wins here. Speaking of the jurors — Judge Penney Azcarate ruled they’d remain anonymous for a year.

She announced that decision Friday before reading the jury instructions — this, per reports, following her ruling on a motion to do so … which was apparently filed by Amber.

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