Kate McKinnon: Emmy winner, first openly gay female and longest-running female Saturday Night Live cast member, and funniest actor ever. (Fun fact: When Kate announced she was leaving SNL earlier in 2022, she’d been there for a full decade.) Lots of people wanna know more about her personal life, but details are…few, to say the least: Kate really, really doesn’t talk about her personal life in interviews. However, there have been tiny lil glimpses of her relationship with partner Jackie Abbott. First seen together in 2016, the two have only been spotted at a total of one award show ceremonies (with a huge reveal from a fellow attendee), and that’s about all we know.

Jackie (whose pronouns are she/they) is an actor, artist, and photographer who is, btw, ~very~ talented. What we do know is quite impressive: Come along with me because, by the end of this story, you will basically be in love with Kate and Jackie and hope their low-key relationship lasts approximately one million years.

Jackie’s an actor and photographer.

According to an IMDb page, Jackie’s been in some short films, including The Contract in 2021 and Miss Sugar Tit (a thesis film). A professional resume cites some commercial and voiceover work, too. Per a People’s Improv Theater (PIT) bio, Jackie has a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, studied sketch and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and performs on a PIT Sketch House Team. In a personal bio, Jackie cites “four years of clowning” at Tisch, so…that’s random and awesome?

Jackie’s professional Insta is just to show off photography, not personal deets—womp, womp. This very fun photo depicts the feet of an untagged couple, followed by a picture of two maybe-wedding rings. It looks like Jackie disabled comments on the post—but of course, that might just be because of comments asking if it’s their wedding. In the hashtags underneath, Jackie indicates it’s for Somewhere Magazine. I bet fans just rlly, rlly wanted a glimpse of the two in love IRL.

They were first spotted together in 2016.

Per People, Kate and Jackie were spotted attending the Broadway show Fun/Home in April of that year. So! Who knows how long they’ve ~actually~ been together, but it’s maybe been several years at this point, which is kind of a guess, since neither has commented about their relationship. In an April 2022 YouTube podcast (characteristically, not addressing the relationship or any specific relationship at all), Jackie did claim to be a “romantic.” The group joked that Jackie’s “famously” always been into older women (it’s around 29 minutes in). Obv, they’re all kidding, *but* it would make sense IRL, since Jackie may be in her early 30s and Kate is 38. “I want someone who has a little bit more oomph, who has a little bit more bite,” Jackie added. Aww!

Back in 2018, Kate said that she’s just not into sharing personal deets. She told GQ that her life between SNL shows was simple, with her biggest excitement going to the grocery store and back to her one-bedroom apartment. Being cast on the show in 2012 was the catalyst to go totally quiet about her personal life.

“I get criticized by people who know me the best for not sharing enough details about my day or my life. I am just quite an insular person, I guess,” she explained, adding, “I decided in my mid-20s that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing personal details like I had in the previous few years. And I just have run with that ever since.”

There have been a few glimpses of their relationship.

After Kate won an Emmy, you can juuust catch the tail end of Jackie and Kate hugging (baww) when the camera pans over to her. In the speech, Kate does say, “Thank you, Jack, I love you.” Aaaand it’s worth noting that Jackie’s contact deets for photography includes the phrase “photographsbyjack.” Coincidence? I don’t think so??

Michelle Visage, icon, basically blew up the couple’s spot with this iconic photo of herself, RuPaul, Ross Matthews, Carson Kressley, Kate, and Jackie. Um, I’ll just leave the caption here: “I have SUCH a crush on #KATEMCKINNON SO HAPPY SHE WON!!! Her girlfriend Jackie was just as lovely as she is!!”


A post shared by Michelle Jersey (@michellevisage)

Around 1:02:00 in the podcast above, Jackie cites meeting RuPaul and being on Michelle Visage’s Instagram as a major life highlight, so apparently, the whole “accidental relationship reveal” wasn’t really an issue. Phew!!

They’ve got *a cat*.

I mean, one that we know of anyways. Kate actually refers to her tuxedo kitty, Nino Positano, as her “son,” which should give you a sense of the adoration she feels for her literal fur-baby.

Note: In that interview, she says, “We put him on a small diet—‘we’ being me,” so, um, you know, that might have been an accidental ref to Jackie?? Anyways, Nino does have (what looks like) his own Insta, and even though it hasn’t been updated since 2020, it did bless us with this gem:


A post shared by Nino McKinnon (@nino.positano)

And Nino even starred in an SNL skit, so he’s basically a star.

Jackie was quoted in Cosmo in 2020.

During the pandemic Pride celebrations, Jackie explained that this year “I’ll be on the couch with my tuxedo cat and a glass of wine, watching the newest lesbian love story documentary, A Secret Love. Throw in finishing my fourth Jeanette Winterson book of quarantine and you have possibly the most lez Sunday plan.” Um, say hi to Nino for us, k Jackie??

In summation: I love these two. Stay together forever!

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