If you’ve been following the latest drama in the life of Jenelle Evans, then you’re probably familiar with the name Gabbie Egan.

Jenelle and Gabbie started out as co-workers, collaborating on the hilariously short-lived Girl Sh-t podcast.

They became friends by bonding over their shared desire to defame 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg, who also worked on the project.

And now, it seems that young Gabbie is following in her mentor’s footsteps by becoming a drunken, violent menace to society.

Egan was arrested in Las Vegas over the weekend after a celebration of her third wedding anniversary got wildly out of hand.

The trouble started when security at the Marquee Pool Club attempted to remove Gabbie from the premises.

“Why do I have to leave, you f–king b-tch?” Ms. Egan reportedly enquired of one of the staffers.

At that point, several security officers got involved, and Gabbie responded by to plant a kick between one guard’s legs.

“[She] tried to kick [him] in the testicles,” one officer observed, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

(Fortunately, the guy was able to deflect the kick with his leg. Close call!)

“Gabrielle tried several times to break our grip and run away from us,” the security personnel added.

Once Gabbie was finally detained, the cops were called, and the real fireworks began.

Police removed her handcuffs so that they could use their own, and Egan seized the opportunity to try and escape.

This time, she attempted to kick a police officer in the junk, but once again, her kick was deflected with a well-placed knee.

Perhaps furious with her own inaccuracy, Egan began to berate and threaten the arresting officers, screaming that she would “f–k [them] up,” and saying “watch what would happen if [they] were not in uniform and on the street.”

Gabbie was booked on two counts of battery by a prisoner on a first responder and interference with a public officer by threat.

She was later released on her own recognizance.

“The preceding 21 years of life prior to this incident have been void of any sort of contact with law enforcement or any participation or association with anything criminal in nature,” reads a statement from Egan’s attorney.

“As to date, no formal charges have been filed against her, and no official discovery has been turned over regarding this matter,” the lawyer continued.

“Ms. Egan looks forward to addressing the allegations in a fair, criminal proceeding, where we are hopeful her name will be cleared and restored to the exemplary individual she is and who individuals closest to her will also unequivocally attest to.” 

Gabbie was probably advised not to speak out on this matter, but amazingly, she couldn’t stop herself from making a TikTok video about her Vegas escapades.

“I’ve been taking a step back and working on myself,” Gabbie said in the video.

“Seems like there is always some sort of set back in my life, but just gotta keep pushing through it! Sending good vibes to everyone.” 

Fans who commented on the clip weren’t so sympathetic, with several advising her to “be accountable and apologize to the police officer.”

“Aw yeah,” another wrote. “Take a step back so you don’t end up with as many mug shots as Jenelle.” 

Egan also seems to be suggesting that her violent beavior was the result of someone slipping something into one of the many cocktails she consumed that day.

“Las Vegas photo dump–reminder to keep your drinks close to you at all times and never let them out of your sight when drinking anywhere,” she wrote on Instagram. “We live in a scary world. Xoxo.” 

Wise words — but because that advice is accompanied by pics of Gabbie consuming what appears to be a dozen different drinks, it’s possible that alcohol was the only inflammatory ingredient she imbibed.

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