Loose Women: Denise Welch discusses health tips

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Loose Women star Denise Welch, 63, and Piers Morgan, 57, have gotten into yet another explosive war of words on Twitter this afternoon. Denise didn’t shy away from stoking Piers’ fury, as she shared a post in view of her 526,000 followers slating his new TalkTV show.

The message aimed a dig at the star’s show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, over reports claiming that its ratings had tanked over the past week, despite a huge advertising campaign promoting the launch.

Denise wrote alongside the critical post: “Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.”

It wasn’t long before Piers hit back at the Hollyoaks actress, slamming Denise over her decision to be candid about her battle with depression.

Addressing Denise, Piers wrote in view of his 7.9 million followers: “Awww, Little Miss Mental Health being unkind again.. 

“… anyone would think you’re a hypocritical fraud playing the MH card for ££.”

However, Twitter user May Rene Joseph took issue with Piers’ comments, as she defended Denise by saying: “What has this got to do with #Mentalhealth? 

“Mental health is nothing to joke about!”

Doubling down on his remark, Piers fired back: “I’ve got no time for mental health frauds like Denise Welch who cynically exploit MH for money & preach about kindness but are horrible human beings.”


After seeing Piers had branded her a “fraud”, Denise took the opportunity to issue a swipe at his show’s ratings once again.

She fumed: “The same man who said I wear my depression ‘like a designer handbag’ & that Will Young doesn’t have PTSD he has WNTS (whiny needy twerp syndrome’) . 

“That’s why people are glad your show is bombing Piers.”

Refusing to back down, Denise later tweeted: “Piers Morgan cared nothing, not one jot about how his constant scaremongering and anxiety inducing ranting impacted the mental health of this nation over the last 2 yrs. 

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“Anything for headlines. I’ve been a mental health advocate for 33 yrs. 

“He’s put the cause back 20yrs!!!”

Piers and Denise previously exchanged barbs last week, with the latter claiming “no-one’s watching” his show.

It came after Piers wrote: “Loving how much my new show @PiersUncensored is annoying all the right people, exactly as I’d hoped. 

“Keep wailing, you whiny woke Guardian-reading wastrels… I’m your worst nightmare and only just getting started.”

Denise then blasted: “It’s not annoying anyone. No-one’s watching it are they?”

Piers was quick to deny claims that his TalkTV ratings are tanking.

He explained: “Linear TV increasingly irrelevant to total eyeball potential for a global show like this, especially with younger viewers who don’t really watch TV any more.”

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