HBO Max & Discovery+ Merged Service Officially Revealed as Just ‘Max’ – Get All the Details!

Warner Bros Discovery has just officially announced all of the details about the combined service of HBO Max and Discovery+!

The company shared and confirmed the news that the combined platform will be called Max, as many have guessed since they announced they would be combining the streaming apps last summer.

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WBD‘s new platform is set to launch in the US on May 23rd, and will reportedly be promising an average of over 40 new titles and TV show seasons A MONTH!

“From the biggest superheroes to real life champions; from culture-shaping dramas to taste-shaping entertainment; from fantastical realms to the realest of worlds, Max will offer an unrivaled range of choice,” JB Perrette, president and CEO of global streaming and games at Warner Bros. Discovery, shared in a statement. “This new brand signals an important change from two narrower products, HBO Max and Discovery+, to our broader content offering and consumer proposition. While each product offered something for some people, Max will have a broad array of quality choices for everybody.”

There will be three different versions of Max – Max Ad-Lite, Max Ad Free and Max Ultimate Ad Free. Find out pricing details and streaming capabilities below…

The new service is reportedly said to be much easier to use, with simpler navigation and more personalization features than HBO Max, and with a new video playback experience.

Despite combining the HBO Max and Discovery+ apps into one bigger service, featuring content from both, it was revealed earlier this year that Discovery+ will still remain it’s own individual platform.

Max Plan Details

  • Max Ad-Lite ($9.99/month or $99.99/year): Two concurrent streams, 1080p HD resolution, no offline downloads, 5.1 surround sound quality
  • Max Ad Free ($15.99/month or $149.99/year): Two concurrent streams, 1080p HD, up to 30 offline downloads, 5.1 surround sound quality
  • Max Ultimate Ad Free ($19.99/month or $199.99/year): Four concurrent streams, up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, 100 offline downloads, Dolby Atmos sound quality

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