“Hilary Duff thinks she got an eye infection from too many Covid tests” links


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Hilary Duff claims she got an eye infection from too many Covid tests. Which… doesn’t make any sense, but sure. [Buzzfeed]
Brian Austin Green is desperately trying to get Megan Fox’s attention. [JustJared]
The only resolution I made was to get through 2021. [GFY]
The leader of the Proud Boys was arrested yesterday. [Towleroad]
On some albums, the “weaker tracks” are the most interesting songs. I love finding some weird little song which feels like an uncovered jewel. [Pajiba]
Let’s impeach Donald Trump again! [Jezebel]
Lainey makes some good points about the cruelty of Queen Elizabeth. [LaineyGossip]
Thoughts on the new Alexander McQueen collection? I feel like Sarah Burton isn’t reading the room – 2021 is not going to involve a lot of structured or cinched waists. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Tanya Roberts did not die when they initially said, but she has passed now. [Dlisted]
Dads who let their kids play “beauty salon” are the best dads. [OMGBlog]


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