Fans Think This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Looks Like ‘Schitt’s Creek’s Alexis Rose

If you started hearing "A Little Bit Alexis" in your head during the Season 25 premiere of The Bachelor, then you’re not the only one. Fans are convinced a certain Bachelor contestant looks just like Schitt’s Creek‘s Alexis Rose, and IMO, Annie Murphy’s look-a-like, Sarah Trott, actually has a lot in common with the Schitt’s Creek fan fave. Trott is a broadcast journalist, fitness fan, model, and podcast host, and though the San Diego native has never been held captive by Somali pirates (as far as I know, anyway), she is a trained fire dancer, which seems like an Alexis-approved hobby.

According to Trott’s website, she transitioned from journalist to full-time caretaker after her dad fell ill from ALS, and she later decided to share her story with others. "I struggled to find other young women going through similar difficulties," her website reads. "I couldn’t find many obvious resources or people my age who could relate to the issues I was going through." The experience inspired her to launch a podcast and blog called From Here to Where, a platform she hopes will "change the narrative for perfection and bring strong girls together" through life’s biggest challenges. Um, that’s, like, literally amazing, and I love this journey for her almost as much as I love these tweets comparing Trott to Alexis Rose.

And that wasn’t the only Schitt’s Creek character comparison inspired by the Jan. 4 episode. One fan also pointed out the resemblance between Bachelor Matt James’ mother, Patty, and Moira Rose, and TBH, I see it.

Though it’s unclear how far Trott will go in the competition, it def seems like it will be an emotional journey for her. According to host Chris Harrison, she and James hit it off early, and she catches "very strong feelings" for him. However, Harrison also noted Trott and James have a "very up and down journey," which is made pretty obvious from one of the Season 25 trailers. Trott previously shared a screenshot from the promo on IG with the caption, "When the new promo drops and you find out you’re an ugly crier," so apparently, she has a sense of humor.

Here’s hoping fans get to see a lot more of Trott, who will never stop being just a little bit Alexis to me.

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