The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs exclusively revealed with OK! that she’s expecting twins with her boyfriend Billy Delbosq – something which came as a shock to the pair.

While Amy, 32, had come off contraception earlier this year, the reality TV star didn’t expect to conceive so quickly as she discovered she was pregnant just two months later. Making the surprise even bigger, she later found out she’s carrying twins.

Now, in her exclusive column for OK! , Amy is charting her pregnancy and how she feels like she’s “going back to square one” despite having had two babies before.

In this week’s column, Amy discusses their last Christmas as a family of four and why she won't be breastfeeding the twins…

Why I'm not breastfeeding

What most people don't know about me is I love routine. The babies will be in a routine straightaway – I will make sure of it – so I'm not going to breastfeed. It's not for me.

I want the kids to all be in a routine because although I'll have four children I still need to have time for me, and Billy too. I'm a very social person. Of course I'm a mum and and I love it – but there's more to me. If I can get the kids into a routine, Bill and I can still have our own time.

I tried breastfeeding with both Polly and Rich and when I couldn't do it with Polly, I was devastated because there is so much pressure but you have to do what is right for you as a new mum and ultimately that's what is right for the baby.

Bill and I had the conversation when I found that I was pregnant and that's when I decided I'm not going breastfeed. I've tried it with Polly and Rich and my milk would never really properly come through and I had to wear nipple shield – I had a proper disaster.

When I had Polly, I had loads of messages saying, "you need to breastfeed", and for me, I've decided I'm not going to, and that's where we're at.

I know I'll get trolled but I get trolled anyway – you're never going to please everyone so you've got to do what's right for you. Because the twins will be bottle fed, I'm doing all my research at the minute on what the best milk is for them.

At the end of the day I've got to enjoy it because I don't want to get pregnant ever again. I think this is me completely done.

Pregnancy symptoms

I've been feeling loads of kicking and loads of movement, which is amazing. Baby boy is super active, just like Bill.

I do feel a bit achy, which is very common. I'm carrying two and I'm getting a lot bigger. This pregnancy I have really struggled with – in my previous pregnancies I've had loads of energy but this one has been different. I'm trying to rest when I can but yesterday I had a nap for over two hours and I woke up and I felt even worse. I was like, oh my god, this is not good!

Last Christmas as a family of four

I didn't cook this year which was lovely. We went to a restaurant in Essex instead which is great because you get waited on and don't have to do any cleaning after. I cooked last year and it is hard work so this year it was nice and chilled.

I still can't believe this was our last Christmas as a family of four. Next year there'll be six of us!

I'm going to make the most of our time now making lovely memories with Polly and Rich because it's going to be a whole new world when the twins come.

I always said I only wanted two children. No way was I going to have anymore. I decided I had my boy and my girl and I was done so for me to go again and to be having twins is really still quite a shock to me but something we are so looking forward to. All the kids will be close in age and I love big families.

The big 24 week scan

I have my 24 week scan coming up next week and that's when we'll start having serious discussions about my birth plan and whether I want to give birth naturally or have a caesarean. I'm high risk because it's a twin pregnancy so we're at the hospital every two weeks for scans – but this will be a big one!


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