Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she’s found “true love” with Ben Affleck

Glamorous Marry Me star Jennifer Lopez has spoken of her joy at being able to “reconnect” with Ben Affleck and get the fairytale wedding she’d wanted with him the second time around, despite having spent years apart. 

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Age-defying Jennifer Lopez, 51, looked decades younger in her new photo set, in which she was dressed totally in red from head to toe.

The actress and songstress was feeling the festive vibe in a red trouser suit with matching blazer and boots, and a Valentino handbag emblazoned with the initials J.Lo.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas #ThisIsMeNow,” she declared triumphantly.

Yet, there’s another reason beyond the festivities for the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer to celebrate – as she is delighted that she’s found love for the second time with fellow actor Ben Affleck.

They’d originally met over two decades ago and enjoyed a short, yet intense, relationship, ultimately cancelling their wedding, only to reunite and marry in 2022.

Telling of how she’d finally made her dream wedding to him happen, she revealed to Vogue: “People in my life know that he was a very, very special person in my life… when we reconnected, those feelings for me were still very real.”

Happily married Jennifer Lopez looks as radiant as ever

In spite of her advancing years, Jennifer Lopez still boasts the radiance of youth, and this stunning all-red festive outfit perfectly demonstrates her ageless beauty. 

Jennifer Lopez was credited by Facebook for

Jennifer Lopez quickly received over 792,000 likes for her photo set, with Facebook’s official Instagram account giving her an honourable mention too, exclaiming jokily: “I can’t believe you literally invented the color red!”

Jennifer Lopez is enjoying a fairytale romance with Ben Affleck after “fate” reunited them

Jennifer Lopez was in floods of tears as she wed Ben earlier this year in a lavish Las Vegas ceremony, conducted almost 20 years after their first wedding fell through. Though she might have had to wait for her happily ever after, she is now convinced Ben is the one for her.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at their wedding

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck said they postponed their wedding first time round due to press intrusion, but she later described her subsequent relationship with Marc Anthony, the father of her twins, as a mere “band aid on the cut”. Delighted to have finally reunited with Ben, she boasted in her most recent pics: “This is me now!”

Jennifer Lopez presented a more relaxed look for her Thanksgiving celebrations

Cosying up against the cold in a woolen hat and furry coat, Jennifer Lopez looked as if she couldn’t have been happier as she celebrated the American festival of Thanksgiving last month. 

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t scaled back her business interests since tying the knot

Multimillionaire Jennifer Lopez has been selling a hugely successful Beauty range, with its products avidly used by women hoping to achieve the same youthful glow that she benefits from.

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