Jeremy Clarkson has never heard of Adil Ray and Anne Hegerty

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Jeremy Clarkson was trending on Twitter on Saturday night after he struggled to help Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant Arjit with a question that involved Anne Hegerty, 63, and Adil Ray, 47. The 61-year-old admitted he had no idea who either of the presenters were, which left a lot of viewers stunned.

Arjit chose to use the ask the host option for his question about who presents a game show where teams of five name items in top ten lists.

The options for the answer were; Anne Hegerty, Adil Ray, Warwick Davis and Phillip Schofield.

The presenter confessed: “I’ve never even heard of two of the people in this list – Adil Ray and Anne Hegerty.”

He went on to say he also couldn’t think of what the game show in question was.

With his lack of knowledge, the presenter couldn’t answer the question, forcing Arjit to use another lifeline.

Fans immediately flocked to Twitter to question how Jeremy didn’t know who The Chase star was.

Anne, best known as The Governess on The Chase, has been on screens for over 10 years.

She also fronts her own solo show Britain’s Brightest Family.

One fan commented: “@JeremyClarkson Never heard of Anne Hegarty!?!?! Thought it was worth a smug laugh?”(sic)

In view of his seven million followers, he replied: “I really hadn’t. Or the other chap.”

Other viewers were quick to comment on The Grand Tour star’s admission.

A second penned: “I was watching tonight’s episode of @MillionaireUK and I can’t believe that @JeremyClarkson didn’t know who @anne_hegerty was. (@ITVChase).”

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A third added: “Jeremy Clarkson has never heard of @anne_hegerty? #shameful #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire.”

“I swear I’ve never screamed at the TV so much in my life than #whowantstobeamillionaire tonight,” a fourth commented.

“@JeremyClarkson how do u not know who Anne Hegerty is from The Chase and also why did no one know the brilliant show of Tenable?”(sic)

Anne was tagged in multiple tweets about Jeremy’s confession, but is yet to address the frenzy.

The ask the host option was introduced when he took over the show in 2018.

He has previously said he would pay out money to a contestant if they lost because of him.

In 2019, he told The Sun: “If it was a low amount – in the hundreds – definitely.

“If I got it wrong though I’d have an uncomfortable night.”

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? continues Saturday on ITV at 8.30pm.

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