Jeremy Renner is still in bad shape after his horrendous snowplow accident, but he got a taste of normal life with a shower and shampoo … albeit in ICU.

Jeremy posted this video of his sister gently shampooing his hair. It seems the shampoo is covered by a cap … these things have to be done gingerly, and his sister it is up to snuff.

Renner is loving it, saying he hasn’t had a shower in a week. It’s almost like a head massage, and you can almost feel how he’s enjoying the experience.

Jeremy is still listed in critical but stable condition after the snowplow ran over much of his body, causing chest trauma and a severe leg injury.

Doctors will tell you medicine is great, but a patient’s attitude is important to recovery, and you can tell Jeremy’s got as positive an outlook as possible.

He’s expected to make a full recovery.

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