OnlyFans star is ‘sorry not sorry’ after accidentally opening adult film on jet

An OnlyFans legend says she is "sorry, not f****** sorry" after opening up a porn clip in the middle of a plane.

Alana Evans refused to let the racy sex scene, that she claims "accidentally" appeared on her device in public, leave her red-faced during a flight to Las Vegas, US.

The president of the Adult Performers Guild, took to Twitter to share an experience that many others would undoubtedly describe as humiliating.

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"Well I just accidentally open porn on the plane," Alana tweeted.

A follower of hers replied explaining that he always keeps his phone volume at a minimum to avoid suffering the same embarrassment, with others hearing all sorts from his X-rated clips.

Luckily Alana had adopted the same strategy but that did not prevent fellow passengers being treated to an explicit scene onboard a plane.

She commented: "Sound was off, but the people in the row standing next to me who couldn’t wait to get off the plane got a whole eye full of black man d*** lol ha ha sorry not f****** sorry."

Another sex worker prompted a laugh from Alana when she admitted in response: "Bahahaha. I do this shit. And my phone is like a minefield…. You never know what you'll get in the photos/videos."

A fan revealed he is no stranger to similarly awkward situations. They wrote: "I've done it in mixed company, I'm ok if it's just folks talking or just if it's pics but my luck it's usually at the orgasm scene when I open it up by accident lol."

Another said: "Don't open porn with your in-laws around. Especially at maximum volume! It has happened to me."

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Before boarding her flight across the United States, Alana tweeted: "If there is a God, he’s going to put me next to the really hot guy on the plane…"

On arrival in Nevada yesterday (Wednesday, January 4), she joked: "Leave it to me to land in Vegas at exactly 4:20."


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