Jimmy Carr made up for a mistake made on his new quiz show I Literally Just Told You by handing over a cheque from himself for £18,000 to a contestant who was initially robbed of the cash prize.

Sainsbury's employee Eddy, from Glasgow, went home after taking part in the Channel 4 series when he was not able to answer a question fired at him asking the age of US singer Ariana Grande.

Contestants are allowed to see answers throughout the gameshow in an unconventional twist and are in with a chance of winning serious money as long as their memory remains strong enough to answer the questions given to them correctly.

Participant Eddy was stripped of this opportunity though due to an epic blunder and trailed off the quiz empty-handed, leaving Jimmy feeling sorry for him afterwards as he explained during a live show later, admitting the show was at fault.

"You lost the money on a question – it was Ariana Grande's age,” Jimmy told Eddy who was in attendance at his show.

He continued: "We talked about her age but we never gave you the specific age so we messed up.

"And when you mess up in life, you've got to own your mistakes. Here's a cheque for £18,000."

Eddy appeared visibly shocked upon receiving the money and didn’t know what to say at first as he brought his hand up to his mouth, before he threw his head back and shouted “Oh my God!”

The eventual prize winner wasn’t the only one to walk away without any money on the quiz show, as the celebrity version saw contestants Lorraine Kelly, Aisling Bea and Asim Chaudhry leave with nothing to give their charities.

This triggered a rant from DIY SOS star Nick Knowles on Twitter, who was extremely unimpressed at the turnout from the gameshow.

"So Jimmy Carr’s 'I literally just told you' plays off charities against each other to go home with nothing so 3 important charities took part tonight but received no cash at all,” Nick wrote.

"Only one got money I’m not sure I like playing charities off against each other for entertainment.”

When a follower mentioned to the presenter that the same result had occurred on BBC gameshow The Weakest link, he snapped: "Then I’m unhappy with that too – I recently did Catchphrase because the charity gets what you win."

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